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LOXAM goes green with electric GIANTS Loxgreen, the green label with environmentally friendly machines

Electric GIANT wheel loaders for Loxam
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Electric GIANT wheel loaders for Loxam


The construction industry is increasingly opting for zero-emission construction and LOXAM is responding to this with Loxgreen. According to equipment rental company LOXAM, market leader in Europe, the need for sustainable machines is growing enormously.


“This need is reinforced by clients such as municipalities and the awareness in the construction sector itself. The need has been unprecedented since the nitrogen crisis in 2019, when 18,000 building permits were withdrawn," says Marcel van der Laan of LOXAM. Due to demand from all corners of the construction industry, LOXAM annually invests heavily in innovative machines. Think not only of the electric wheel loaders, but also battery-powered vibratory rammers, aerial platforms and even solar-powered aggregates.

Specifically for infrastructure and landscaping

The most recent addition to LOXAM's fleet is a range of GIANT G2200E X-TRA electric wheel loaders. The machines are specifically for work in the field of infrastructure and landscaping and therefore equipped with the largest lithium-ion battery of 520 Ah and on-board charger of 60 Ah. Furthermore, the articulated loaders are equipped with a folding safety roof, traffic lights, working lights and reversing signals. With regard to attachments, each machine is equipped with a stone bucket, pallet fork and broken stone fork so that a wide variety of work can be carried out.

Just as good as the conventional version

LOXAM: ''There was a specific demand from the market for electric wheel loaders that are powerful and quiet with reliable technology. When we add an innovative machine to our fleet, we mainly look at the workability together with the manufacturers. A machine must be at least as good as the conventional version, but then durable. That is why we have performed a benchmark among electric models of various brands. The GIANT G2200E X-TRA more than meets all the requirements and can now be rented throughout the Netherlands. The demand for these GIANT machines is increasing, so that the rental fleet has recently been further expanded with the purchase of more GIANT G2200E X-TRA machines.

LOXAM is very active with expanding the fleet even further with ''LOXGREEN'' machines. This is the label given to the innovative fleet of sustainable machines.

Features GIANT G2200E X-TRA

The G2200E X-TRA is standard equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery, which is placed in such a way that it also functions as a counterweight. With the help of two separate electric motors, one with 6.5 kW for the drive and a 12 kW motor for the hydraulics, there is always enough power to carry out all the different tasks precisely. The wheel loader has a lifting height of 2.45 meters and a tipping load of 2,200 kg. This makes the machine perfectly prepared for heavy work. The lithium-ion batteries of 520 Ah make it possible to work for 8 hours under normal conditions. The on-board charger makes it easy to top up in the meantime and after the working day.


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