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MacDon: Innovative harvesting solutions for European farmers

New dimension in header technology: MacDon Draper and FlexDraper® Headers / M Series: Highly efficient Windrowers for shorter growing seasons / PW8 Pick-Up Headers: Smart choice for maximum efficiency


Following the start of MacDon Europe GmbH in Wiesbaden this summer, the Canadian harvesting specialists use this year’s Agritechnica in Hanover to present the company’s innovative technologies, designed to efficiently and reliably harvest the dense and high-yielding crop stands common in Europe.

In addition to MacDon Draper and FlexDraper® Headers – high-performance equipment made to fit most major combine brands and maximize harvest efficiency – also M Series Windrowers and PW8 Pick-Up Headers will be on display. Windrowers and Pick-Up Headers are tools that can be used to shorten harvest windows, manage weeds and reduce losses in shatter prone crops.

“Based on the profound and multinational experiences of MacDon, we are happy to also boost our presence in Europe. By moving closer to our customers, we are better able to provide our innovative and high-performance harvesting technology to agricultural businesses here. We believe that MacDon technologies such as our Draper and FlexDraper® Headers will quickly convince farmers and contractors – once they have seen our machines reliably deliver in the fields”, says Benedikt von Riedesel, General Manager of MacDon Europe GmbH.

Next level draper performance

MacDon’s new D1 Draper and FD1 FlexDraper® Headers are designed to maximise productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations. Both header types are characterised by the Active Float System that works in conjunction with the combines AAHC system, designed to keep the headers close to the ground, the excellent pick-up performance of the reel and the new efficient FeedMacXTM crop feeding system – all developed to get the most from any crop, in any condition, and on any combine.

The aggressive feeding action features adjustable timing to match crop volume. It allows for higher speeds which in turn increase threshing capacity. Combined with the robustly redesigned frame and drive system, the configurable Retractable Tine Drum (RTD) and up to 60 per cent higher side draper speeds, reliability and combine capacity are greatly increased.

The three-section flexible design of MacDon’s FlexDraper® Headers and its split reel ensures a close reel-to-cutterbar relationship. Even at maximum flex – which indeed offers close-to-the-

ground cutting across the entire working width also on uneven terrain – this design ensures an equally smooth, consistent and heads-first crop flow, thus significantly boosting the performance of combines.

MacDon M Series Windrowers: Harvesting flexibility for shorter growing seasons

MacDon’s M Series Windrowers offer a solution for shorter growing seasons: By cutting and making swaths rather than direct harvesting, maturing of crops can be sped up – thus ensuring timely threshing. The patented Dual Direction® allows quick and easy switching from field to transport mode, as the seat of the driver and controls can be turned 180 degrees. Depending on crop and situation, MacDon Windrowers can be equipped with draper, rotary and auger headers. Switching from one to the other is simple and quick.

M Series Windrowers come with a fully computerized monitoring and header control system. Header functions are controlled via fingertip – including MacDon’s popular ‘Return-To-Cut’ feature, which returns the header to its previous cut settings after it has been lifted. The Hydraulic Center Link also allows on-the-go adjustments of the header angle for instant adaptation to changing field conditions.

The highly efficient Cummins 4.5 l, 4 cylinder, turbo diesel engine of the M155E4delivers 156 hp (boosted) and excellent fuel economy. No Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is needed on this low maintenance Tier 4 system. Thanks to the Ultra Glide® cab with four-corner independent gas shock suspension system and the ergonomic cab layout, operators enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. At the same time, the cab forward design and curved glass provide unmatched visibility of the cutterbar and field conditions.

Going for the smart choice: MacDon PW8 Pick-Up Headers

MacDon PW8 Pick-Up Headers are a great choice for gently and efficiently picking up swaths for threshing. The strengthened auger tube and its robust chain drive allow the PW8 to easily handle high volume crops, while MacDon’s patented V-guide roller groove tracking system keeps the independently powered drapers aligned. Tight draper connectors and seals as well as a deep overlap of front and rear draper decks ensure seed retention, so that seeds reliably make their way into the combine for better yields.

On-the-go control with the combine’s Automatic Header Height Control system (AAHC) and Lateral Tilt System, a simple draper tensioning system, easy to see draper tension indicators, and common all-metric hardware for easy adjustments, make these Pick-Up Headers efficient, comfortable and easy to use. The simple spring-over-shock flotation system of the PW8 provides a ground following 45.7cm (18”) of wheel float, and with only five 100 hour grease points, maintenance of the MacDon PW8 Pick-Up Header can be dealt with very quickly.

Source: MacDon Europe GmbH