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Makinex introduces world’s smallest 23kW 480V 3-Phase generator

Today at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Makinex takes another step toward providing practical and convenient on-site power solutions for power- hungry contractors and tradesmen in the concrete, masonry and flooring industries.


Makinex is extending its compact three-phase power generation family with a new 23kW 480V model. Less than one third the size and weight of comparable towable and skid generators, the 23kW is in a class of its own. It is the world’s smallest 3-phase 480V generator in this class.

“The small size of the 23kW generator makes it a no brainer for polishing and prep contractors. Now they can bring a 480V power source plus all of their equipment on a single trailer.“ Jeff Durgin, General Manager, Gamka, NJ.

Maneuverability at the job site is equally important, with trailer and skid access getting harder to obtain on construction sites. Featuring large wheels and weighing only 410lbs, the 23kW easily fits through doorways and can safely be taken in internal / external elevators to get power precisely where it is needed, without losing power over long cables from the street.

Superior Efficiency and Convenience

The 23kW uses permanent magnet brushless alternator technology and has completely independent circuits for 120V and 480V. This guarantees clean 480V three phase power that is unaffected by any load on the 120V circuit.

These advance alternator features result in 15% more power than from conventional copper wound alternators, and eliminates electronics used to regulate voltage. In addition, the generator comes with industry standard 50A, 30A and 20A outlets, and is able to run single phase and three phase equipment simultaneously.

In contrast, most conventional commercial generators only offer switchable voltage selection, and do not come with power distribution outlets as standard. This is the cause of countless cabling errors, which can result in accidental damage to the equipment being used.

“Most generators are built for stand-by applications, not the portable heavy-duty power applications you see in the concrete and flooring industry. This market has been grossly underserved by generator makers. We aim to give them power products that are better suited to their needs.” Rory Kennard, CEO Makinex.

Here at the World of Concrete show, the 23kW 480V generator has been selected as a finalist for the Most Innovative Product Award. Look out for Makinex in the South Hall at booth #S13519, and at the booths of several partners including: Superabrasive (Booth 031034), Runyon (Booth S12339), Jon-Don (Booth O31246), Scanmaskin (Booth O31918), CustomTech (Booth S11039), GranQuartz (Booth O40744), Graco (Booth O40312), Lissmac (Booth O31348), ASL (Booth O31146), Fogco (Booth C7090), NewGrind (Booth O31334), and Sunbelt (S10348).

Source: Makinex