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Making life harder for diesel thieves

New product UltraPlus of VMSSG in the German market provides an effective protection against diesel theft. The system has already been sold more than a million times worldwide.

Nuremberg, January 2016. The lives of diesel thieves will be considerably harder in future. The British-based company VMSSG Limited has now launched their tried and tested system UltraPlus in the German market. UltraPlus protects against fuel theft and can be applied to construction vehicles, construction machinery as well as to trucks, buses and all kinds of agricultural machinery and vehicles. It helps prevent illegal fuel tapping. UltraPlus has been sold for more than a million times since 2006 and is in use in more than 120 countries. It provides an ideal mechanical protection against diesel theft. Once the system has been retrofitted, the tank can be filled at a rate of up to 130 litres per minute. UltraPlus is suitable for all types of vehicles.

“The investment costs of the retrofit are lower than a tank filling for a 44 ton truck”, says Klaus Czypull, sales engineer for VMSSG in Germany. “We now offer UltraPlus in the German market as an increase in diesel theft of the past few years has also been observed in Germany,” Czypull points out.

Thieves are often organized professionally, and fuel theft often leads to major damage of the fuel tank and even the vehicle. Also staff thieving smaller amounts of fuel over a longer period of time have been convicted.