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MAWEV Show 2024 – The sun shone on Goldhofer

MAWEV Show: A complete success for Goldhofer.
Goldhofer Europe
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MAWEV Show: A complete success for Goldhofer.


  • Goldhofer AG showcased its vehicles at the MAWEV Show 2024 in St. Pölten-Wörth, Austria, under ideal weather conditions.

  • The 4-axle »TRAILSTAR« and the STZ-L 4 with wheel recesses were major attractions, highlighting Goldhofer’s innovation and technical excellence.

  • Goldhofer introduced the »TRAFFIDECKTM GO« flooring, noted for its excellent friction coefficients and reduced weight and height compared to conventional rubber flooring.

  • Levin Gonser, Area Sales Manager Central Europe, received positive feedback for his dedication and ability to address visitors' transport challenges.

  • The event was commercially successful for Goldhofer, with several orders placed and vehicles sold on-site, emphasizing the company's active role in the Austrian market.

  • The MAWEV Show 2024 reinforced Goldhofer’s commitment to strong partnerships and the future of the construction industry.

The MAWEV Show 2024, which took place from April 10-13, 2024 in St. Pölten-Wörth, was a resounding success for Goldhofer AG. Under ideal conditions – bright sunshine and an impressive stand – the strengths of Goldhofer’s vehicles were showcased once again.

The MAWEV Show 2024, a key event for the construction industry held in the Austrian city of St. Pölten, was recently crowned with an impressive presentation by Goldhofer AG. In perfect weather, the heavy haulage specialist from Memmingen in Bavaria drew the crowds with a stand that scored with visitors in every respect, especially with the vehicles on display, in a demonstration of innovation and technical excellence.

A Liebherr L550 on the versatile Goldhofer STZ-L4 with wheel recesses.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Goldhofer AG

Both the 4-axle »TRAILSTAR« and the STZ-L 4 with wheel recesses – two hugely convincing all-rounders for the transport industry – were major attractions. Of particular interest, however, was Goldhofer’s revolutionary »TRAFFIDECKTM GO« flooring, which combines excellent coefficients of friction with a simultaneous reduction in weight and height compared to conventional rubber flooring.

The Goldhofer stand attracted visitors.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Goldhofer AG

The Goldhofer team at the stand were kept very busy: The spectrum ranged from general informative talks to detailed discussions with prospects, and it quickly became clear that Goldhofer offers not only outstanding products but also strong partnerships. Levin Gonser, Area Sales Manager Central Europe at Goldhofer and the German company’s contact in Austria, also met with a highly positive response. His dedication and ability to understand visitors’ transport challenges and present the right solutions were seen as a sign of Goldhofer’s renewal and commitment in Austria.

Levin Gonser<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Goldhofer AG

The MAWEV Show was also a commercial success. Several orders were placed and vehicles were even sold on site, which underlines the significance of the event for the company. It proves that Goldhofer is not only a manufacturer of top-quality vehicles, but also an active player on the Austrian market willing to invest in customer relationships and the future of the construction industry.

All in all, the MAWEV Show 2024 was an effective platform for Goldhofer’s strengths and commitment. With Levin Gonser, the company has a competent contact in Austria, who is keen to further promote the Goldhofer brand and strengthen relationships with customers and partners. This is a positive signal for the future, for both Goldhofer and the Austrian construction industry. 

Source: Goldhofer AG