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Maximal A Series Electric Forklift

Maximal A series electric forklift will be officially launched to the market in July, it covers 4-wheel 1.5-3.5T. This new model is adopted the latest ergonomics. Engineers greatly improve the safety, comfort, and operator convenience base on M series.


Maximal focuses on the product performance as well as the cost controlling. A series electric forklift will keep almost the same price as M series same model.

Welcome your inquires, please feel free to contact the related sales representative.

Maximal Compact 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

In past two years, Maximal has successfully developed 2.5-5T 2WD and 2.5-3.5T 4WD rough terrain forklift. To meet various needs of customers, Maximal is preparing to R&D 2.5-3.5T 4WD compact rough terrain forklift.

4WD compact rough terrain forklift will be developed base on Maximal 2WD rough terrain. With its own characteristics:

1- Same size, mast and tyres are same as 2WD rough terrain, so the appearance keeps compact, the turning radius will be much smaller than Maximal standard 4WD rough terrain;

2- Adopt 4WD hydraulic transmission, it means the new model is provided with four wheel drive performance, climbing power will be strong.

3- High performance-price ratio.

This new model will be launched in August. Maximal invite any inquiries you may have, please feel free to contact Maximal Special Truck Dept.