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Maximal advertisement in Middle East

Maximal is looking for distributors in middle east, we published the advertisement in the magazine of plant & equipment. We sincerely welcome you to join us!

Maximal 1.8T 2WD rough terrain 

To satisfy with different customers’ need especially the European standard, Maximal have developed 1.8T 2WD rough terrain forklift, which was improved base on the 2.5T 2WD rough terrain, so the truck body keep the same, while the counterbalance and the mast is changed. At present the delivery time is 75 days. Welcome to your inquiries.

Storage Forklifts Information

Below are the Maximal storage forklifts to 20th July for your reference. (Note: storage forklifts information below is updated monthly while the stork information is changing time to time, so the real-time stock information subjects to sales men’s feedback.)