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‘MiNT’ Fresh Thinking from Hustler Farm Equipment

At Hustler, it's out with the old and in with the new with their near complete, purpose designed Hustler Global HQ and manufacturing facility, plus a fresh new brand makeover.


Brent Currie, VP of Business Development explains - "with Hustler’s ethos of rethinking the everyday and the launch of our new, purpose-built facility in Hastings, now seemed like a good time to review our look".

He says that over the last 19 months they have collaborated with farmers and dealers, to come up with a brand evolution that feels uniquely Hustler and freshly New Zealand. The new pure white and mint green livery goes beyond just a rebrand though, and as ‘MiNT’ encapsulates what Hustler stands for as a brand - Machinery, Innovation and New Technology.

Powder-coated not sugar-coated

Brent says the new Hustler Global HQ was built with the farmer in mind. "We've streamlined the manufacturing process so we can produce machinery more efficiently and provide more value to farmers - it's lean manufacturing at its best."

After feedback from farmers, the range has been rationalised so Hustler customers can choose their own specs, options and features and all new equipment is now powder-coated rather than spray-painted. Hustler Armacote Protective Coatings add durability and longevity, as well as contributing to faster manufacturing lead-times.

A world first in livestock feeding equipment

The fresh thinking you've come to expect from Hustler Equipment doesn't stop there. Introducing the world’s first silage wagon and combination feeders to incorporate an app based wireless scale and feed proof-of-placement system. Hustler’s Feedlink is the biggest innovation to hit the market in decades, it's loaded with game changing features including GPS based proof-of-placement to give farmers more control and surety with feed management.


Along with Feedlink, 3 years in the making the concept of Hustler’s new Combi RX range will be unveiled at Fieldays with pre-orders available for delivery in early 2020. The range supersedes the Combi PR series and offers solutions to the feedback we've received from farmers and dealers over the past 7 years. Which amongst other upgrades includes massively improved manoeuvrability in tight laneways cutting the turning circle from 20.6 metres down to just 7.8 for the same capacity machine. Fewer moving parts, less maintenance saving operators as much as 10 hours per month, and a major advantage in capacity optimisation with a 50% capacity increase compared to similar sized machines. Rethinking the everyday, every day.

A new look, a new building and new innovations in livestock feeding equipment. You could say that at Hustler, we don't let the grass grow under our feet.

If you want to find out more about the next generation of feeding equipment or if you've got any questions about what you've read here, please get in touch. 


Source: Hustler Equipment International Limited