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Montabert has chosen Intermat 2015 as the platform to launch new products and present its innovations.


New Montabert HC95 drifter

Montabert reinforces its position in the hydraulic drifting market. This new multipurpose drifter is available in 3 versions. Its main advantage is that is requires less maintenance than any other drifter. Increased performance and efficiency, coupled with outstanding reliability and productivity.

Intermat 2015 innovation awards. Montabert presents the anti-seismic BRV

Patented system and entirely designed by Montabert teams.

Improved environmental safety: railway tracks, fragile buildings, etc.

The anti-seismic BRV is an electronic system intended to regulate the rock breaker's power based on the vibrations it generates.

Blue Line joins the Montabert product range

Blue Line is present on the low-end equipment market. Manufactured at Montabert's St Priest plant with the same level of production quality, Blue Line breakers will join the Montabert product range and will be rebranded in the company's traditional green colors.

Technical certification process

In 2014, in a bid to offer its customers the best possible service, Montabert began the process to obtain technical certification of its distribution network. Objective: provide its customers with quick answers to questions regarding Montabert rock breakers and their operation.

Montabert's Made in France label

In just a few years, Montabert will celebrate its hundredth anniversary and as such is proud of its “Made the France” label. Located near Lyon, the Saint Priest plant is a 100% self-contained production facility: production, sales, marketing, engineering, purchasing, and logistics... with 350 employees in all!

Each year, Montabert welcomes dozens of its customers from around the world to the site to present its expertise and technology, showing them what is behind the “Made in France” label. If you are interested in a tour of our facility, please contact our press office.

Source: Montabert; Flint Group