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Muck spreader FERTI-SPACE 2

The FERTI-SPACE muck spreader has been totally modernized by the JOSKIN Development Department. This newspreader is available in 7 models, all fitted with vertical beaters or in HORIZON version with spreading table. This new machine, committed to handle high volumes, offers many evolutions:


1. An even more extensive body design

• the very resistant bottom floor (4 mm) is now welded;

• this spreader is lighter and offers a 150 mm lowered center of gravity thanks to the removal of the sub frame;

• the hydro-tandem or hydro-tridem running gear is bolted to adapt the configuration in accordance of the selected options (eg. like tyres choice) and therefore offers a good weight distribution;

• the guillotine door, slightly angled in the previous versions is now upright. The under body guide brackets have been removed to make the door completely tight when closed.

2. A secured transmission

• A very important aspect for our customers is to avoid muck heaps formation on the sensitive points, like for the hydraulic hoses placed under the machine. That's why they are centralized and positioned between the two moving floors, under a central separator;

• the HB 400 high tensile steel universal drive shaft (Ø 1''3/4 - 45 mm) is perfectly adapted for powerful tractors.

3. New specifications of the moving floor

• the on the chain fixed U-slats move on flat profiles, which greatly limits all deterioration of the body floor;

• the Ertalon protections reduce the chain frictions. This ensures a more fluid and silent return;

• a more regular spreading, thanks to the shorter distance between the floor and the beaters;

• the space between the tensioners has been increased in order not to overload il with muck. Besides, it allows the chains to integrate into the pulleys (made of Ø 135 cast-iron);

• the gearwheels (Ø 190) have been expanded to completely follow the chain floor.

Joskin, FERTI-SPACE - Tight guillotine door



The Ferti-SPACE has a wide monocoque body in HLE steel with 1.050 mm or 1.350 mm high sides offering a large spreading width. With its strong design and its capacities from 12 to 21 m³, it is a machine for intensive use. Thanks to the large diameter of the vertical beaters with folded spirals, the Ferti-SPACE 2 can spread, according to the product, on a width from 8 to 16 m per row. The control and the management of the electro-hydraulic functions of the Ferti-SPACE 2 can be managed by the Ferti-Control 4000 or an ISOBUS terminal. As an option, the flow in proportion to the driving speed, in combination with to the dynamic weighing system, will ensure a high precision spreading.

Silage kit:

This model can easily be converted into a silage trailer by dismounting the beaters. In this case, the silage extensions and the 2-speed floor are very useful.


The horizontal beaters and the spreading table allow to spread perfectly different products (cattle manure, compost, organic wastes, lime, poultry manure, etc.) on large widths, even with a low flow. The beaters are driven by P.T.O.-shafts with cam security (1,000 rpm), which ensures the safety and the protection of the whole mechanism.


Source: JOSKIN S.A.


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