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National Crane shows new boom trucks at CONEXPO 2014

Visitors to the Manitowoc Cranes booth at CONEXPO 2014 are now able to see firsthand a new era of boom truck innovation. The largest National Crane ever built, the new National Crane NBT60, and the new National Crane NBT15 seriesis on display for the approximate 130,000 CONEXPO attendees descending on Las Vegas, Nev., this week.


Ruben Olivas, global product director for truck cranes, boom trucks and carry deck cranes at Manitowoc, explained that these new National Crane models were developed after extensive customer research was conducted.

“For these new National Crane models, we asked customers what they really wanted and needed,” Olivas said. “This “voice of the customer” collaboration resulted in boom trucks that will truly meet the demands of the market, whether its size, capacity, lifting power, maneuverability or other advanced new features.”


The new NBT60 on display is the biggest crane in National Crane’s history. This 54.4 t (60 USt) capacity crane features a 39 m (128 ft) five-section, full-power boom, the longest in its class. A 7.9 m — 13.7 m (26 ft – 45 ft) two-section, offsettable manual extension is also available for the crane.

Even with the larger size of the NBT60, the crane will still be roadable like other boom truck cranes without the need for additional permits in many regions, allowing customers to perform lifts that sometimes require larger cranes, saving customers time and money before projects begin.

The NBT60 is expected to be especially useful for the oil and gas industry, as well as for crane rentals. Customers working in the oil and gas field were the primary drivers of the NBT60’s creation, as many companies desired a larger National Crane that would still have the flexibility of the boom truck, with the comforts and serviceability that commercially-sourced trucks provide.

Other features on the NBT60 include two-piece, hydraulically removable counterweight slabs that can be stowed on the front outrigger box to provide different roading configurationsand a very strong zero counterweight load chart for those who need light gross vehicle weights; ground level and in-cab CanBusoutrigger controls with a new beam position sensing system that aids the operator in selecting the right load chart based on the crane’s outrigger footprint; an X-shaped footprint that eliminates the need for a single front outrigger as well as the need for an increased clearance area, such as abatable outrigger beams require; and front bumper control of the hoist(s) for quick road setup configuration.

NBT15 Series

National Crane’s new NBT15 series models don’t just fill the gap between 9.1 t (10 USt) and 16.3 t (18 USt) cranes, they offer a host of new technologies. The three crane models that comprise the series – the NBT14, NBT15 and NBT16 – offer the longest boom lengthand highest capacities for boom truck cranes in their class. An NBT16 will be featured on Manitowoc’s booth.

National Crane expects the cranes to be particularly useful in the rental fleet, railroad and municipalities markets, where pricing to the end user market is be very competitive – right down to the ton. The three models give customers more choices between the 9.1 t (10 USt) and 16.3 t (18 USt) capacity classes.

All three crane models in the new NBT15 series feature an 18.3 m (60 ft) three-section boom. A 6.7 m (22 ft) single section jib is also available for even greater reach. The NBT14 offers a 12.7 t (14 USt) capacity; the NBT15 provides a 13.4 t (15 USt) capacity; and the NBT16 has a 14.5 t (16 USt) capacity.

The new boom truck cranes also offer heightened precision during operation. User-friendly electronic toggles have replaced hydraulic levers on the crane’s remote controls as a standard feature. Crane operators are reporting that the new radio remote system is easy to use, allowing them to be closer to the load as they perform the lifts, and that the system is a welcome featureon the job site.

These cranes will bring increased flexibility to the market with their updated “out and down” outriggers in comparison with the older “A” style outriggers that offered only one configuration. The improved outriggers expand between a fully extended 5.28 m (17 ft 4 in); mid-span of 3.75 m (12 ft 4 in); and retracted span of 2.23 m (7 ft 4 in), providing exceptional versatility to adapt to different job site conditions and spaces. Each width brings the crane three different load charts as well.

Especially useful for oilfield and railroad applications, National Crane designed an alternate boom rest that allows a removable boom to be placed from the base of the pedestal to the mid-section of the boom. This enables the crane to lift or carry materials longer than the bed.

Olivas said the new NBT15 series combines all the classic benefits of boom truck cranes with new reach and lifting capabilities.

“These new boom trucks remain ideal for getting into tight spots on the job site and can easily hop on and off of the highway without specialpermitting – in somecases, a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is not even required for the NBT14,” he said. “The NBT15 series has the longest boom in itsclass – and flexibility in lifting capabilities with their strong capacities and variable outrigger positions.”