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New cold milling machines from Wirtgen take milling technology to the next level

The new generation of Wirtgen small milling machines comprises the W 35 Ri model, the 50-cm W 50 R/W 50 Ri and W 60 R/W 60 Ri, and the one-meter W 100 R/W 100 Ri and W 120 R/W 120 Ri.
Wirtgen GmbH (WIRTGEN Group) Europe
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The new generation of Wirtgen small milling machines comprises the W 35 Ri model, the 50-cm W 50 R/W 50 Ri and W 60 R/W 60 Ri, and the one-meter W 100 R/W 100 Ri and W 120 R/W 120 Ri.

At Nordbau 2016, the experts from Wirtgen will be showcasing technological solutions and innovations for road rehabilitation. The W 35 Ri, a model from the latest generation of small milling machines, is set to feature in Neumünster.

Over the last two years, the specialist in road repairs has completely revamped its entire range of small and compact milling machines, advancing cold milling machines to the next stage of development. The new generation of machines incorporates a wide array of innovations and improvements. The development work focused on the latest proprietary control technology from Wirtgen. It ensures user-friendly operation and superb milling results.

Small and compact milling machines – A generation ahead

While the entire Wirtgen small milling machine range comprises 16 machines with working widths between 350 and 1,300 mm, 8 models are available to customers in the compact class – with standard working widths between 1.0 and 1.5 m and milling depths up to 330 mm. Combined with the Flexible Cutter System, milling widths of 8 cm to 1.5 m are even possible.

The range of applications in this class of small machines is just as broad: Alongside classical small milling operations such as partial road repairs, cutting slots and milling tie-ins, renovating industrial floors and removing road markings, for instance, the compact milling machines also enable the removal of entire roadways, a job which is usually the preserve of large milling machines. Combining the advantages of the small and large machine classes, the compact milling machines are particularly flexible.

Implementing a uniform operating concept and in particular incorporating pioneering control technologies, Wirtgen's machines are now one thing above all: The next step in the development of cold milling.

Uniform operating concept: Spotlight on the multifunctional armrest

One of the highlights of the uniform operating concept is the ergonomic multifunctional armrest. With it, the operator can call up all the important information he needs to see on the color display, including the acquisition and visualization of all job data. Four "favorites" buttons integrated in the armrest can be programmed with any of 20 different functions. The operator can also intuitively control the height of the machine from the multifunctional armrest.

Optimum workflows

A variety of additional and automated functions results in significantly faster workflows. For example, the LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling feature has been fully integrated into the machine control system. Having fewer interfaces means shorter signal paths in the controller systems, faster reactions between them, and thus an efficient and precise leveling process.

Example of Wirtgen small milling machines

When it comes to driving and steering, for instance, Wirtgen small milling machines have a very generous steering angle to both sides, resulting in extremely small turning radii that make working on confined job sites much easier. The automatic tracking function of the right rear wheel on the W 50 Ri when folded in additionally increases maneuverability. The optional driving dynamics packages, for speeds of up to 12 km/h in the 4-wheel version of the W 50 Ri, enable these small milling machines to travel quickly between job sites.

Example of Wirtgen compact milling machines

Optimally coordinated processes save time and money, and that applies not least to transferring the milled material. Here too, Wirtgen has practical solutions to hand. The compact milling machine conveyor's extremely wide slewing angle of 60° to both the left and the right makes it possible to transfer material even on difficult job sites, such as traffic circles or intersections. For high-precision material transfer, the machine operator can move the conveyor at two different speeds. And thanks to the most advanced control technology, the conveyor speed is held constant even if engine speed fluctuates.

With their compact dimensions and low operating weight, the compact milling machines from Wirtgen can be transported without a special heavy transport permit. This is another major advantage for completing milling jobs flexibly and quickly.

Compact machines are in a class of their own. The entire machine range – encompassing the W 100 CF/W 100 CFi, W 120 CF/W 120 CFi, W 130 CF/W 130 CFi and W 150 CF/W 150 CFi – deliver on performance and economic efficiency.

Wirtgen W 50 Ri on LECTURA Specs
Wirtgen W 35 Ri on LECTURA Specs