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New D-TEC Tank trailer at Agritechnica

D-TEC will be unveiling a new tanker trailer at Agritechnica (Hannover) in November. This new tanker trailer is not steered and has a very low weight, from approximately 5,250 kg. The prototype being displayed at Agritechnica has a short wheelbase and a content of  30 m³. The pump structure has been built at the rear along the length of the tanker to provide more flexibility for loading and unloading. We have also given the tanker trailer a Near Infra-Red sensor.


D-TEC has more than 30 years' experience in the development and manufacture of tanker trailers. One of D-TEC's most important focal points is to achieve a low kerb weight. For this reason D-TEC has chosen to equip the new tanker trailer with a pump with an aluminium housing and workings. With the agricultural market in mind, this tanker trailer can be manoeuvred without difficulty on narrow farmlands, not least to the use of the Wabco Optiturn. This prevents damage from being caused to the land and soil.

Pumping and purging

We have built and integrated a recirculation system to enable the user to mix/purge whilst unloading providing the user much greater flexibility. When a spreading vehicle is extracting, this tanker trailer can also purge on the fly. When a spreader vehicle is extracting at the Andock, this tanker trailer can also purge during unloading. (The pump can also easily be used as a pumping unit to load other tanks or pump out silos.)

Andock funnel 

The Andock funnel is available in three different heights, also parallel to each other, to transfer the slurry to the Andock funnel.  

Source: D-TEC B.V.