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New! Steering tipper trailers from D-TEC

D-TEC will be introducing its first steering tipper trailer at the MobiliteitsRAI in October and the Agritechnica in November. This tipper trailer's unique characteristics are its low self-weight and the D-TEC steering system. ‘This new tipper trailer addresses the demands from the agricultural market for steering tipper trailers’, according to D-TEC manager Gerrit van Vlastuin.


The D-TEC steering system is a proven concept and has now been applied in D-TEC tanker trailers for more than 30 years. It is of great benefit to the agricultural market as this steering tipper trailer can easily turn on terrain with little room, thus avoiding damage to farmyards or the soil.

Small chance of toppling over

A significant risk with tipper trailers is tilting sideways or toppling over due to side winds or misalignment when the trailer is in the tipped position. The D-TEC steering tipper is made of high tensile steel, so the chassis could be of a light construction. Moreover, the D-TEC steering tipper trailer consists of one single central tube, which has plenty of torsional stiffness. This means that the chassis is ten times as stiff as a double-beam chassis. Consequently, there will be less deformation of the chassis and the chance of tilting over or toppling is significantly reduced. This offers large benefits, as the soil is often less level in agricultural environments.

D-TEC Flexliner

D-TEC is putting this new product on the market as the Flexliner. The D-TEC steering tipper trailer can be used for different markets and transports, including sludge, grain, beetroot, recycled paper and so on. The steering tipper trailer is therefore flexible in use, hence the name: Flexliner.

First deliveries 

Last year, D-TEC produced its first Flexliner and delivered it to Berkhof BV. These tipper trailers are equipped with a 47 m3 Hardox-body and have an unladen weight of 8,200 kg. D-TEC built a special tipper trailer for Van der Stelt BV for odourless sludge transport. D-TEC has now also built its first tanker trailer as a tipper for haulier Van Leendert, for transporting potato steam peels. This tipping tanktrailer with its pump construction, steering system and 36 m3 tank capacity, has an unladen weight of just 8,450 kg.

Source: D-TEC B.V.