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New final and slew drives for excavators

As a long-time supplier for decades of high quality final and slew drives, Comer Industries recently expanded its product range with a line of purposely-built final and slew drives, specifically for the Excavator market.


Comer Industries will be exhibiting at Bauma (Hall A3 - Booth 225) the smallest of new final drives, the PGR 3800 series.

The 18-23 ton range are the most popular sizes sold in Europe and are the highest volumes in the Excavators business requiring the most compact design and the highest performance. At this Bauma edition, this brand new integrated solution for this Excavators model is presented. Through collaboration and co-design with a renown Japanese hydraulic manufacturer, Comer Industries is now capable to support all OEM customers in the European region, where a lack of reliable and advanced suppliers has been recorded in the past years for such integrated solutions. These two planetary drives units, which come to the market with a wide range of ratios, can be now equipped and supplied with a 140cc two speed axial piston motor that uses the most advanced Japanese design and technology.

Based on the same design concept of the standard Comer Industries Wheel Drive range, this new final drive has been optimized for the high-volume Excavator markets. It uses high strength monolithic housings capable of accepting hydraulic components of the motors while also withstanding the high mechanical loads required by the application. Such a design delivers high power density in a cost-effective package required by this competitive market.

In order to offer power transmission solutions for the entire machine, the PG2300 series slew drive, intended for the 20-ton machine range, will also be shown. With a wide selection of pinions to meet customers’ needs, these two-stage planetary slew drives can be coupled with 160cc plug-in slew motor from our Japanese motor partner and supplied as a complete package or can be delivered as the gearbox only.

Extending to the PG 2800 range, which can also come alone or with a plug-in motor, Comer Industries can now cover the Excavator range up to 90 tons. Made from the same high-quality materials as traditional Comer Industries slew drives, these new units feature alloy steel shafts and gears, spheroidal cast iron housings, and custom materials for output pinions for use in extreme climates. To deliver the most efficient and cost-effective designs for the Excavator high- volume markets, the use of monolithic housings saves material, reduces weight, assembly time, cost and overall footprint when compared to modular designs.

In cases where monolithic castings are not required, Comer Industries can still offer its full line of completely modular slew drives easily constructed to meet each customer’s individual requirements. A variety of output options such as flange mounting, splined shaft, or integral pinion outputs and the ability to accept either hydraulic or electric motors, the Comer slew drives can be adapted to fit any application.

These solutions, thanks to their state of the art design, virtual simulation and manufacturing technology, maximize the power density and reduce size, while fulfilling the growing needs of OEMs in terms of performances and improved efficiency. With the opening of the new Chinese plant in Pinghu, last November, Comer Industries aligns its high-tech manufacturing plants around the world, giving the company the unique ability to serve conveniently serve markets in all major regions for manufacturing. Regardless of the location, the same Comer Production System is used to guarantee the highest quality products.

Source: Comer Industries Spa