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New generation 12 ton log stacker from TW

SKS Toijala Works Oy has unveiled a new generation log stacker with an intelligent 8 to 12 tons capacity. The product family is called KURO and currently there are 2 models in the range: RTD12C and RTD12H. The first serial produced units delivered to customers will be of model RTD12C. KURO contains features never seen before.


KURO is truly a new product developed from clean sheet, but based on extensive experience with log stacker development and products. New technology has been used to create a simple, straightforward design resulting in high efficiency and excellent economy.

With its 8 to12 ton intelligent load rating, KURO steps into a new category traditionally ruled by wheel loaders. The target application is log handling in sawmills: unloading log trucks, sorting line to storage operation and feeding the table with logs. It offers the traditional features and performance of log stackers: long reach and high stacking capability and it is an efficient transportation machine.

The key topics for development were competitive cost of investment, excellent fuel economy, ease of maintenance, reliability and efficiency in operation.

“Our development team included people with the best know-how and competence in the industry from 12 partner companies in Finland. As a result, we have developed the new generation log stacker using the latest technology on the market: The new technology made it possible to create a mechanically simple, but functionally sophisticated product that is easy to produce, easy to maintain and simple to use”, says Heikki Korpimaa, Director of TW LogStackers at SKS Toijala Works Oy.

KURO looks rather conventional, but it has most of the components reorganised under the covers compared to the existing log stackers and reach stackers on the market. For ease of maintenance and unbeatable service access, the power unit is immediately accessible on the right side of the machine. The energy unit, containing fuel and oil tanks and energy storage for recovered energy from boom lowering and braking, is located on the left hand side. There are no structures obscuring access to the main components.

A new generation product deserves a new operator environment

“We developed a cabin with a new operating concept: flexible mounting locations for controls and displays. The operator has more room, front and rear of him/her, than ever before and the cabin is fitted with a unique 12” touch screen control interface. It acts as an intuitive user interface, information centre, diagnostics tool and enables customised individual settings for the operator, which can be saved on a USB stick and serves as a modern replacement for an ignition key”.

TW REMOTE management system

When focusing on the economy of operation and efficient utilisation of log handling equipment, SKS Toijala Works has, simultaneously with KURO, introduced a new kind of remote reporting and management system for log stackers called TW REMOTE. Compared to all other remote monitoring systems on the market, TW REMOTE is not just a separate system plugged into the machine, but actually is an Internet based extension to KURO’s own Machine Control System. The control system sends a package of data every 20 seconds from KURO’s CAN-bus into the cloud using either Wi-Fi or a GSM connection depending on the local networks. Naturally, KURO’s control software can also be updated wirelessly through the Internet.

A custom built reporting tool retrieves the data from the cloud and generates reports and histograms from operating hours, fuel consumption, loads, duty cycles, speeds, distances, GPS routes and hot spots in operation. It also keeps track on the warnings and alarms received from the equipment and acts as a service reminder for next service.

TW REMOTE is not only a tool for a single machine. It also keeps track on the whole fleet of equipment that the user may have. During 2016, TW REMOTE will also become available for previous generation TW and KALMAR log stackers as a retrofit.