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New Junkkari W700 - Combi drill with completely new idea

There are tens of drills in the market which combine 3m transport width with more than 6m working width. It is almost always done with vertically folding wings and narrow long hopper in the center. Junkkari W700 does basically the same but big difference comes in material transport from the hopper and metering.


Junkkari has more than 60 years’ experience of mechanical seed drills. Now we have just used an unique idea to widen our range to even 7m width. Instead of typical pneumatic technology, we transport material from main hoppers with gravity and simple auger to smaller wing hoppers. There we have own mechanical fertilizer- and seed metering devices for each coulters. Inside these wing hoppers we have smaller auger pairs to spread material evenly.

Main benefits:

  • Very precise accurate metering for each coulter without any delay in headlands

  • Reliable mechanical drive individually for right and left hand side. Only very small hydraulic flow needed for fertilizer transport from main hopper with auger.

  • Can be used with simple tractor – no fan or pneumatics, therefore no need for CVT transmission etc.

  • Smaller power demand and fuel consumption because high oil flow for fan is not needed like in pneumatic competitors.

  • Simple technology means also easier maintenance

  • Big capacity, hopper in total 6500 liters. Means less time consuming hopper fillings.

As other features machine has big 7,5x20” wheels and precise double disc seed coulter with maximum pressure of 100kg. Machine can be equipped with ISOBUS control unit and normal options like tramlines, disc cultivator and track markers. Junkkari W700 places seed and fertilizer together in the same row. In the future there will be model available with separate fertilizer coulters as well as 5,0 and 6,0m working widths.

Source: Junkkari Oy