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Junkkari in Myanmar

In February Junkkari's Sales and Development Manager Juha Sippola visited Myanmar with Finnish Foreign Trade and Development Minister Kai Mykkänen's Business Delegation. In delegation were presented companies from cleantech, electricity, mining and energy sectors. Junkkari was part of Waste-to-Energy group, which introduced Finnish know-how in wood based energy production. During the visit Minister Mykkänen and delegation met Myanmar State Ministries, Region Government and wood industry experts together with companies. - With Junkkari chippers logging and industry residues can be transformed into renewable energy resource. This will be one of the main development areas in Myanmar in coming years, because 70 % of country's 53 million people live outside the power grid. There is a big demand for local energy production while wood industry has huge potential to grow waste wood utilization rate, Juha says. In Myanmar Finland has very good reputation as efficient wood utilizer. Finland is also known as a country that follows principles of sustainable development in forest utilization. - I was happy to notice that Myanmar Ministries were highly aware of environmental point of view. Authorities know the importance of clean and renewable energy in building the country's future. Junkkari's message of using wood chips as an energy resource was listened with high interest and tens of business cards were changed, Juha ends.

Greetings from Junkkari production


Junkkari production started at full speed to 2017 and prepared than ever. Practices and techniques have been perfected for the year 2017 by control functions and purchase functions. Seed drills- and trailer assembly lines are running at full speed due to the sales great success. Wood chipper assembly line is still waiting positive pressure although the load is already good. The production is aimed to run simultaneously at steady speed in every section in order to achieve efficient and high-quality results. We have been placed orders at the very early to our suppliers and a good way, because the rest of the world has left a clear growth, which is reflected some of the components longer delivery times. Even this doesn't prevent the products to be produced on time due to the good preparation and therefore the whole staff of Junkkari deserves a very BIG thanks! –Joni Rantanen

Source: Junkkari Oy