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New LOZOVA MACHINERY products at Agritechnica 2019

LOZOVA MACHINERY will be exhibiting at AGRITECHNICA-2019 on November 10-16, in Hannover, Germany.


Modern approaches to tillage are quite challenging for farmers. In addition to quality tilling and rational use of nutrients, it is really important to achieve economic benefits such as speed of operation, lack of maintenance and repair stops, low fuel costs and much more. LOZOVA MACHINERY offers to farmers the most beneficial and efficient solutions taking into account these requirements.

Thus, for the first time on the European market we are going to present a brand new product of 2019 – FRANC-3sp subsoiler.

This is a new implement which performs a chisel soil tilling at big depth (up to 45 cm) and leaves up to 60% of plant residues on the field surface solving the problem of soil erosion  and ensuring long-term fertility. Moreover, there is an addition feature allowing to apply granulated fertilizers on two levels depth of 150 and 250 mm, which additionally increases crop yields.

Subsoiler tines are also equipped with two-level protection from breakage which enables operation in conditions of hard and stoned soils.

This model is available with three types of changeable chisel tines with hardmetal tips HARD-SHELL that significantly reduce costs for their replacement.

With FRANC-3sp you will keep the organic structure of the soil, improve water-air regime and soil fertility.

You are welcomed to come and appreciate all benefits of the new implement at AGRITECHNICA. We would be glad to see you at our booth – 12A06.