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New Massey Ferguson Datatronic 5 Puts Tablet Technology in the Cab

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO , is proud to announce the launch of its powerful, comprehensive and easy to use Datatronic 5 system at the SIMA Show, in Paris from 26th February to 2nd March 2017


Datatronic 5 puts complete tractor and precision farming control at the operator’s fingertips. Developed by Massey Ferguson’s own in-house team, the powerful, ISOBUS compatible terminal’s 9in touch-screen uses the most modern technology that makes it as easy to use as the latest tablets and smartphones.

“Massey Ferguson was the first to introduce on-board electronics, launching Datatronic control on the MF 3000 in 1986,” says Campbell Scott, Director Marketing Services. “Today, Massey Ferguson engineers have invested 30 years of experience in creating the fifth generation of this innovation landmark, with Datatronic 5 delivering users an advanced precision farming terminal, which is straightforward and intuitive to use, to help boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

Datatronic 5 features

  • 9in terminal combines the ease of use and touch-screen convenience of a tablet with powerful precision farming features

  • Straight-forward and intuitive operation

  • ISOBUS compatible

  • Controls and monitors all tractor functions

  • Links to Multipad and Joystick to assign ISOBUS control

  • Integral Auto-Guide™ operation

  • Powerful precision farming features at your fingertips, providing:

  • AgControl™ automatic Section Control and variable rate control automatically vary rates according to a treatment map

  • TaskDoc™ data recording with wireless transfer via Bluetooth

  • TaskDocPro™ that adds GPS position information to data with wireless transfer via GPRS for a wider distance exchange

  • Second screen option helps operators easily manage information

Powerful features with intuitive operation

Fitted as standard on all new MF 8700 Series tractors, the ISOBUS compatible Datatronic 5 provides comprehensive tractor and implement control. The clear and concise 9in touch screen enables operators to access and change settings quickly and instinctively.

Information is accessed easily by touching the 9in flat screen or by using a scroll wheel. Four hot key buttons also provide:

  • An ‘OK’ button to confirm actions

  • ‘Return’ button

  • ‘Main Screen Mode’ button to access tractor setting functions, guidance, camera – all in full screen

  • ‘Half display screen’ button to show two functions in the same time.

The display shows the most important screen in the centre along with activated features and functions. Four screens, including map, tractor home page, camera and ISOBUS can be swiped with a finger to quickly access all relevant information.

The bright, clear screen makes setting easy. Using a single terminal, operators can bring up pages to set the hydraulics, transmission, engine and set-up and run the outstanding headland management system.

ISOBUS on board

Integral ISOBUS compatibility cuts clutter in the cab, allowing the terminal to provide simple ‘plug ‘n play’ control of a wide range of implements. This also saves money on the cost of an additional terminal, with Datatronic 5 also delivering a better, easier to use operating interface. Switches on the MultiPad joystick can also be used to control ISOBUS implements, enabling operators to customise the set-up to their particular needs for easier operation.

Integrated Auto-Guide™ guidance system from Massey Ferguson

Datatronic 5 delivers easy to use automatic steering with Auto-Guide™ – with ‘Go Mode’ enabling fast set-up allowing users to quickly set up and save the implement width and then choose between four steering paths – A-B line, A + heading, Centre Pivot and curved lines.

Auto-Guide™ comes with three levels of accuracy, providing a choice of GPS receivers from basic EGNOS through to the most precise RTK systems. Users can also choose from two different GNSS receiver suppliers, either NovAtel or Trimble.

This allows customers to select the level of steering accuracy that best suits their operations from their preferred GNSS receiver supplier.

Accuracy levels include

  • Submetre accuracy provides pass to pass precision from +/-15cm to 30cm with 150cm repeatability

  • Decimetre accuracy of +/- 10cm pass to pass accuracy and +/- 50cm repeatability

  • Centimetre accuracy of +/- 2.5cm is available with repeatability of +/-2cm from either satellite or RTK correction signals.

Using a Trimble receiver, Auto-Guide™ can be used with EGNOS, the free European signal or with Trimble’s RangePoint RTK, CenterPoint RTK Standard or Fast or a full RTK system from a base station or existing Trimble infrastructure (depending on provider subscriptions fees).

Trimble’s xFill system, provides back-up for up to 20mins, to allow operations to continue, should the correction signal be lost.

Alternatively, with the NovAtel receiver, Auto-Guide™ can be used with the free EGNOS submetre signal or Terrastar L and Terrastar C for Decimetre accuracy. Glide and Steadyline software from NovAtel will also provide better pass to pass accuracies for higher efficiency for all levels.

Auto-Guide™ is compatible with a wide range of correction signals, allowing Auto-Guide™ to be used with local NTRIP providers.

Precision farming at your fingertips

Datatronic 5 users can opt for a complete Precision Farming Package at their fingertips. This powerful suite of products builds into a system that provides mapping, automatic section control, variable rate applications, record keeping and comprehensive machinery monitoring with telemetry.

The base specification Datatronic 5 terminal is easily upgraded, allowing users to add each element as a separate option, when it’s required, to suit their particular needs.

Task Doc™ - the information system

Information is power, with accurate data gathering and recording farmers can exploit the power of this precise data to make decisions and application plans. Used wisely, this can improve efficiency, increase yields and ultimately boost profits as well as protect the environment.

Using TaskDoc™ Massey Ferguson customers can record data quickly and easily, create field records, log fuel use, make job reports as well as keep an accurate account of all inputs to every hectare. This data can be transferred simply, wirelessly from the Datatronic 5 terminal, for further use and analysis in farm management software.

TaskDoc™ Pro, adds another important layer of data by also applying the GPS position to data. It is able to transfer this data in real-time, providing an automatic, seamless exchange with compatible field management software and mapping.

AgControl™ prevents overlaps and optimises applications

AgControl™ helps farmers and contractors maximise profits and reduce waste using Section Control to apply seed, fertiliser and sprays accurately without overlaps.

With GPS mapping the application, the system automatically shuts down up to 24 individual sections when it encounters previously treated areas. This also protects the environment by ensuring inputs are applied accurately and not over-dosed.

Data recorded by TaskDoc Pro™ can be put to best use to create variable rate treatment plans to ensure precious inputs are targeted to areas where they will do the most good. This not only cuts waste and costs, it is also proven to boost yields and increase crop quality and protect the environment.

Variable treatment plans are created after analysis of data recorded by TaskDoc Pro™ and other information. Combined with the farmer’s own field knowledge, a precise treatment plan is created in management software and transferred to the Datatronic 5 terminal.

VariableRateControl™ translates this plan into action, automatically adjusting the rate, according to the map and the precise location logged by the tractor’s GPS system. A coverage map on the screen informs operators of the changes in real time.


AgCommand is a comprehensive machinery and fleet monitoring system that employs the power of telemetry to provide a continuous link between machines and the office PC or even suitable mobile devices.

It works without any operator input, continually recording and transmitting data and it also doesn’t require any additional software. All the information is displayed on a webpage and stored securely on special servers.

Second screen option

A second Datatronic 5 screen can be fitted to help with the many jobs that require operators to manage a diverse range of information and settings, while also controlling a range of machine functions.

This stand-alone terminal will enable an operator to, for example, run the guidance, section control and input data on one screen, while monitoring and controlling the tractor’s functions on the other.

Datatronic 5 Technical specifications

  • Capacitive touch screen with a 480 x 800 resolution

  • 400cd brightness

  • 4Gb memory

  • 1Gb DDR3 RAM

  • Integral camera

  • Touch screen, three home keys and rotary dial controls

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson