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NEW Products at bauma 2019



After launching of SANY construction products in the European market on Bauma 2016 SANY has won the trust of the customers by supplying a very reliable and strong products. This is partly realized thanks to the use of first-class components supplied by SANY’s long- term partners like ISUZU engines, KAWASAKI hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics and many more.

SANY’s ground moving equipment department launches on Bauma 2019 three new models and gives a preview with a prototype 8-ton short tail excavator. These will be added to the existing range of 11 excavators between 1,6 and 50 ton.

The new hydraulic crawler excavator SY155U with short tail will compete in the very important European 14-ton class. Powered by a strong Isuzu engine and smooth Kawasaki hydraulics, this machine will be a very competitive product that fits very good to the high demanding market. SANY will offer this machine with multiple standard options like 2 x proportional double working functions, quick-coupler piping and others.

The new wheeled excavator SY155W will be the first mobile excavator that will be launched by SANY on the EU market. Powered with a Deutz engine, ZF driveline, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics and a 2 piece boom this model will be able to compete in all demanding markets.

Also, SANY will show the demolition excavator SY500 HRD. With the new Cummins QSG12 engine and a reach of 28 meter it has already proven in various applications to be a very reliable and powerful product.

SANY also will display the SY80U hydraulic excavator which will be available for the market at the end of year 2019. It’s equipped with a YANMAR engine that will meet the latest emission regulations.

Mobile Port Machines

SANY provides within the Europe 9 models of Reach Stackers, 8 models of Empty- Container-Handlers and 4 models of Heavy-Duty Forklift-Trucks. Since beginning 2018, SANY is offering 5-year warranty in Europe, based on the globally experienced product durability. Worldwide, SANY is the largest manufacturers for Reach Stackers and ECHs. One of the newest additions in the Reach Stacker series is the model “H9”, which saves 15% machine-related costs per container handled. That cost saving is achieved by increase container throughput per hour and fuel efficiency technology. An energy recovery system of hydro-pneumatic accumulators supports the boom lifting. The new SANY top-lift spreader allows clever weight savings. The new 6.8-ton light spreader survived on the factory test stand meanwhile 60,000 hours simulated 45t-container handling.

Another new model is the reach stacker SRSC4540G-S with support-jacks. This machine provides 31t lift-capacity in the 3rd row, which opens-up the opportunity of loading heavy containers on 2nd-rail-line carts.

Within the heavy-duty forklift-trucks, SANY extended the range within 2018, now spreading from 16t to 32t lift-capacity.

Port Cranes

Since 2018 SANY is offering in Europe STS cranes (ship-to-shore), RTG cranes (rubber tire gantry), RMG cranes (rail mounted gantry) and Mobile Harbour cranes. SANY produces port cranes since 2011 and collected with more than 300 units extensive experience across divers global regions. SANY collaborates with global terminal operators as Hutchison to develop innovative cranes for growing needs. 


Source: Sany