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No matter the weight, Goldhofer keeps things moving

Rainer Auerbacher, Head of Transport Technology of Goldhofer, was questioned by LECTURA Press about bauma 2019, electric steering system, the world's longest flatbed semitrailer, futuristic design and company's goals.

Were you satisfied with the construction machinery trade fair bauma 2019? Did it meet your expectations?


This year’s bauma went very well for GOLDHOFER, with numerous contracts signed.

However, these large events cost the companies a lot of money. What is your opinion on future trade fairs and exhibitions in terms of the financial side? Could the companies come up with new presenting strategies or would the trade fairs still play a key role? 

Certain events will doubtless continue to play a key role. With some trade shows being neglected while others are promoted and completely new events are added to the calendar, this is a question that we always have to ask ourselves, and we give very careful thought to the type of event GOLDHOFER should concentrate on and invest in. At such time of a major change, adjustment will also have to be made to our trade show strategies. After all, not every event has the potential to offer such attractive returns as bauma.

Why is the electric steering system featured at bauma 2019 on the STZ-L4 semi lowloader so innovative?

The electric steering system incorporated in the STZ-L4 as this year’s GOLDHOFER innovation vehicle guarantees the optimum steering angle in every situation, taking full account of the weight, dimensions, position and length of the load. The result is a steering angle that ensures maximum maneuverability of the lowloader. For optimum maneuvering, the system also offers a choice between individual steering modes, with a radio remote available for operation from the driver’s cab. In combination with the low-profile tires, also featured, and the extremely hard-wearing, lightweight polymer deck covering, the result is a lighter and nimbler vehicle with improved loading.

The »VENTUM« flatbed semi-trailer offers unusual capability to take on loads of well over 70 m. How long does it take to fully extract all 5 extension stages and hook up the trailer?

The »VENTUM«, the world's longest flatbed semitrailer with pendular axles, can be completed extended and loading started in just a few minutes. So, there is no significant difference compared with triple and quadruple extendable trailers.

Your airport vehicles feature interesting and futuristic design. Where are the designers from? How long does it take to finish a design concept (e.g. the »Bison«)?

Creating the right vehicle takes time, with the design solutions usually being integrated step by step. Numerous other factors must also be taken into account including the codes and regulations, ergonomics and customer requirements. Normally, GOLDHOFER works in close collaboration with its customers to be sure of designing the optimum vehicle. In some cases, we also cooperate with university research institutes. They sometimes contribute completely new ideas and design solutions, requiring adaptation for implementation in a working vehicle. So, depending on the vehicle and degree of innovation, the development cycle can last several years.

Which milestones would you like to achieve in the following 2 years?

Our goal is to further strengthen GOLDHOFER’s market position and continually grow our market share. We address this constant challenge with the intelligent, customer-oriented and economically meaningful innovations and sales and service activities by which the market measures us.

What can the visitors expect at the construction show Plantworx 2019 in Peterborough, UK?

At Plantworx we presented the »ARCUS« PK as a new addition to our portfolio of transport solutions for the construction plant industry. Following its premiere as a world first at the IAA in 2018, this lowloader semi-trailer with the completely new steering system has met with a keen response in the transport industry. We will also be at the JDL in Beaune in September and the GIS in Piacenza/Italy in October with vehicles for the construction and heavy haulage industries that are tailored to the specific challenges of these markets.

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Company overview

Goldhofer is a German company, which history dates back to 1705, specializing in production of heavy haulage vehicles, solutions and airport technology. The company reports about 800 employees. Its portfolio includes trailers, semi-trailers, wind power industry solutions, aicraft tow tractors, recovery systems or cargo and baggage tracors. Goldhofer provides the solutions for the most challenging logistic requirements.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder

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