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CTE ZED 15.2 on pick up

On-line the new video of CTE ZED 15.2 on pick-up

The video shows the main features of this innovative CTE product, highlighting the compactness of the vehicle, the versatility of the boom and one of the many applications that can be made with this smart platform.

CTE ZED 15.2 on pick-up reaches 14,7 m of working height, 6,3 m of outreach and 230 kg of capacity (2 operators with working instruments), with reduced stabilization footprint (H+H  max 2.755 cm) and total weight 3 tons. These performances make it the best in its class of platforms mounted on pick-up.

Mounted on Isuzu D-MAX 4x4 or on Toyota Hylux 4x4 pick-up, this platform is the perfect ally for the operators which should drive on rough terrain to arrive at the construction site, and is also designed to work in slope.

CTE ZED 15.2


Its dimensions allow to be compact in travelling position, so it is ideal for narrow streets and confined spaces.

Patented H-stabilization system with connecting rods guarantees the extension of the beam and stabilizer in one motion, without the help of jacks or cylinders. H-Stabilizers enable you to work easily by the curb and in tight places.

Turret rotation is 360° continuous, basket rotation is 60°left+60°right. The basket dimensions are 1400x700x1100 mm, identical to the baskets of the major sisters of CTE ZED family on 3,5 ton trucks. Controls are electro-hydraulic proportional from ground and basket.

As for the CTE ZED family on trucks, electrical and hydraulic systems are inside the arm, protected from weathering and debris. The electrical system and catenary housed inside the arm are protected from getting caught up with other elements during operations.

The special design of the boom gives maximum stability at height, a unique working area characterized by maximum performance of outreach and height throughout the whole working area, thanks to the presence of the load cell which continuously monitors the weight in the basket.

CTE with this new model expands its range of articulated aerial platforms to meet local and global market needs, maintaining always high and stable the aim of "work becomes easy" for its final users.

Source: Marketing Dept. CTE Spa


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