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Our Manitou Story : Allan Neale and Vanderfield

Thanks Vanderfield and Allan Neale for this great testimonial written for the Autumn Field :

A mix of great rewards and unexpected challenges!

“Not that it’s worth dwelling on but with the benefit of hindsight there are always changes you would make. One change we would have made would have been to buy a second Manitou MLT-840 Telehandler sooner than waiting 5 years”, said Allan Neale of Cooinda Cotton.

“As well as the cotton we run a hay growing and selling business called Southwest Hay Supplies.  We bought a Manitou in 2010 as we needed a reliable machine to move, stack and load hay which we still own. But then realized another machine was needed as our hay can be grown up to 30 kms away and needs to be loaded and carted back to the main selling shed.

We are really happy with the newer machine and enjoy the improvements from the earlier model. The cab is larger and well laid out inside and quieter. The engine in it is a John Deere so that means it will be easier to service and maintain.

Our Manitous are used for a multitude of operations. Not just for loading hay! I’m not sure how we survived without them before as we use them nearly every day for something. They replace several machines, such as a crane, a forklift and a backhoe. Being multi-purpose we use them to load machinery onto trucks, fill planters with fertilizer and or seed and to fix irrigation ditches. Often they come in handy as a crane because with a lifting platform we can do many jobs on buildings at height.

I find the Vanderfield staff approachable and easy to get along with.  As I am a mechanic by trade I do a lot of the servicing myself but the staff are always helpful with their advice should any problems arise”.

Farming cotton and fodder crops on serval farms in St George with his wife Kerrie and brother-in-law Scott they also have a dedicated team who work closely with them.

“We farm in the St George irrigation area and downstream of St George and enjoy the lifestyle farming has to offer. Especially being able to work outdoors each day!  The most rewarding part is harvesting the beautiful crops we’ve grown all season. The most challenging aspect is working with the weather and never having enough hours in the day”!