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Outstanding results in the most important agricultural association's PowerMix test: Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 530 is awarded the test seal "DLG-approved 2016"

  • Unimog U 530 has passed the demanding DLG PowerMix test with flying colours

  • "DLG-approved 2016": the Unimog U 530 impressed with low consumption values especially when carrying out transport tasks

  • The recognised testing procedure of the DLG (German Agricultural Association) offers a practically-based comparison of the Unimog with tractors and other agricultural towing and working vehicles

The agricultural version of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 530 has successfully completed the 2016 PowerMix test of the DLG (German Agricultural Association). From now on, the all-wheel-drive specialist from the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks business unit in Wörth is allowed to display the "DLG-approved 2016" seal. The DLG testing number 2015-00697 certifies its excellent suitability as a working vehicle for farmers and contractors. Particularly worthy of mention are its low consumption values both for light as well as for heavy transport work.


The DLG PowerMix test, which is closely based on real-life conditions, proves that the Unimog U 530 represents an exceptionally cost-effective solution, especially for transport jobs. The top-of-the-range model in the Unimog implement carrier series with permanent all-wheel drive and the 24-tonne trailer required by the DLG obtained the very low value of just 390 g/kWh in the PowerMix test category "Transport work". The U 530 was especially able to impress with the powerful output of its OM 936 engine, which was designed with 220 kW/299 hp and is coupled with a fully-synchronised eight-speed reversing transmission. A particular advantage is that the low-friction transmission offers up to 24 gear ratios for transport and heavy-duty operations. Altogether, the all-rounder made in Wörth, weighs in at up to 16.5 tonnes and can comfortably move a total combination weight of 40 tonnes.

Its mechanical power take-off shafts at the front and rear, as well as its hydraulic power take-off units for implement operation also helped the U 530 to achieve its outstanding results in the DLG PowerMix test. The entire engine output is available to the power take-off shafts. Accordingly, the engine's high maximum torque of 1200 Nm can be used without restriction for implement operation too.

The DLG PowerMix test is an established test procedure. The comprehensive functional value testing of agricultural towing and utility vehicles is based on independent assessment criteria and provides scientifically proven, objective and reproducible measurement results. Following an application by the manufacturers, the test is carried out by DLG, the biggest agricultural association in Germany. The measurement process precisely defines, in grammes per kilowatt hour, the performance and the specific fuel consumption of vehicles in agricultural use under full and partial load. Measurements are made under standardised operating conditions in the three categories: transport, power take-off shaft output and hydraulic implement work. The test results can be viewed on the DLG homepage or compared with other vehicles in the DLG PowerMix app. This allows farmers and contractors to obtain a direct comparison of vehicles, taking into account the different operating conditions in their individual business.

Source: Daimler Communications; Mercedes-Benz