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Palazzani Ragno TSJ 39/C aerial platform Go to photo
Palazzani Ragno TSJ 39/C aerial platform

Palazzani Ragno TSJ 39/C will clean the external facades of SEM Europeisky Mall in Moscow, Russia

Vertex, exclusive Palazzani Dealer for Russia since 2013, collaborates with Mega Shopping Mall Europeisky in Moscow.


The company, which is headed to this big project in 2008, has bought the first Palazzani Ragno TSJ 39/C and after few months it has renewed its confidence in Palazzani brand with the purchase of another TSJ 39/C.

The choice arrives from positive experience to work with an aerial platform Ragno and from the need to have a compact machine, which can reach 39 m of working height and with the capacity of 230 kg in the basket. Another important and appreciated characteristic is the possibility to operate in outdoor and also indoor thanks to the double motorization: diesel engine and electric motor. These positive characteristics make Palazzani Ragno versatile and functional.

TSJ 39/C will work many hours outside of the Europeisky Mall, this building is located in a very crowded place of Moscow and its facades, composed of metal parts and complex structures, request frequent washing and maintenance; furthermore these facades suffer a lot of corrosion and request a periodical replacement. SEM Europeisky Mall is one of the most prestigious place of Moscow and it has to maintain its exterior impeccable appearance.

Palazzani Ragno TSJ 39/C

Source: Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.


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