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PALFINGER access platforms at bauma 2019

An overview of the latest developments and innovations.


With a strong, global market presence and production locations in Germany, Italy and the USA, PALFINGER Platforms offers a range of access platforms with working heights from 10 to 103 m for chassis from 3.5 to 60 t. At bauma 2019 PALFINGER will be presenting the latest developments and innovations and – for the first time ever in the history of PALFINGER access platforms – a selection of models from the entire global platform range.

New models in the Light NX class: P 220 BK and P 280 CK

User-friendliness is the hallmark of the Light NX class, which will be represented at bauma by two new models: the P 220 BK and P 280 CK. These two Light NX class models are designed for operating in municipal applications and can be operated by anyone holding a standard driving licence. The impressive range of operator assistance systems enables flexible outreach calculation (load moment limiting), high basket loads (300 kg), easy stabiliser control at the vehicle base and, as a result, almost completely intuitive operation.

New models in the Smart class: P 130 A and P 200 AXE

With the P 130 A, PALFINGER has brought the Smart class to the pick-up – with a maximum working height of 13 m, a maximum lateral outreach of 6.30 m and a total weight of 3,200 kg. Since the model is extremely user-friendly and learning how to operate it is no trouble at all it is perfect for the hire market.

With the P 200 AXE, PALFINGER has developed an extremely compact design for access platforms in the Smart class. With a total weight of 3.5 t and a length of just 5.39 m in the transport position this is the perfect solution for tight spaces.

New model in the Tracked class: P 250 AJTK

At bauma 2016 PALFINGER first unveiled the P 150 AJTK demonstrating just how easily access platforms can be deployed even on crawlers. In order to round off the range PALFINGER is presenting the biggest platform in the Tracked class: the P 250 AJTK, which is designed for working heights of up to 25 m. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for sites that are hard for truck-mounted platforms to access. Manoeuvring on muddy or uneven terrain is a piece of cake for the P 250 AJTK.

ETC 40 IH – the insulated lifting platform from PALFINGER

Another highlight of the PALFINGER platform range will be presented at bauma 2019 for the very first time: the ETC 40 IH. The high-performance insulated lifting platform with a working height of almost 14 m is already being put to good use by American utility companies. Thanks to many optional features available it can easily be adapted in line with specific requirements.

P 130 A – the flexible all-rounder

Delivering PALFINGER's usual high level of quality the P 130 A reaches a maximum working height of 13 m and a maximum lateral outreach of 6.30 m. The Smart class access platform is efficient both on and off road with its extremely low centre of gravity ensuring exceptional stability. Thanks to its compact design the P 130 A is ideal for operations in inner-city areas with high traffic volumes and limited parking space. The PALFINGER access platform also offers a high level of safety and flexibility.

P 570 – access platform with X-jib from the Jumbo NX class

The P 570 offers an impressive working height of 57 m, an outreach of 41 m and an upper boom that can be telescoped up to 19 m.

The additional X-jib allows the working area to be controlled with absolute precision and a potential basket rotation of 2 x 200 degrees makes the platform exceptionally mobile. Thanks to its hanging basket, the P 570 is able to get extremely close to objects. The telescopic basket has a load of 600 kg and is equipped with integrated preparation for the Powerlift system.

Even at great heights operators can align the P 570 exactly with buildings or masts or even beneath overhangs during operation thanks to the sensitive proportional controller, the lower and upper boom telescopes and the X-jib. Another highlight of the platform is the 900 mm stabilising stroke, which compensates for highly uneven terrain.

P 370 KS E – PALFINGER's first electrically operated access platform

The P 370 KS E is a PALFINGER Premium class product. Being quiet, efficient and emissions-free makes it ideal for night-time and indoor work as well as for operations on construction sites in urban areas. The new components such as the electric motors with hydraulic pumps and a battery system with an integrated charging system and intelligent energy management system form the heart of the new electrically powered access platform. The P 370 KS E combines a diesel drive system with an electric drive system which means that it offers the performance and service life of a diesel engine at low operating costs.