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Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor telematics solutions


The Fleet Monitor is a special platform that supports the work of fleet managers and dispatcher with digital intelligence. For truck and crane operators, the Operator Monitor – a highly practical app – is the ideal tool for working more efficiently. Both solutions offer all important information at a glance and monitor the activities of all products. This ensures that the fleet is fully connected and all the relevant job data is delivered.

PALFINGER’s new telematics solutions make life easier for fleet managers and operators by enabling predictive maintenance and maximising uptime. The connected data can be used to schedule maintenance or servicing work much more effectively and rectify faults much more quickly. Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor are intelligent digital tools that boost efficiency and productivity.

Fleet Monitor for professional fleet management

Fleet Monitor provides the fleet manager with a fleet overview containing all technical data and operating conditions for individual vehicles, PALFINGER products and the fleet as a whole. The telematics solution is a useful service and maintenance planning tool that enables the user to check the operating times and monitor the safety of the fleet. The platform shows which machines are in use and where, and how long they have been operating for. Fleet Monitor also provides an overview of the amount of time remaining until servicing is due and upcoming maintenance work for every device in the fleet, which enables operations to be planned down to the finest detail and helps to maximise uptime. Online error messages and alerts mean that targeted measures can be introduced to rectify potential device or operating errors. Based on the information stored, the fleet manager knows immediately what action to take and how the fault affects the rest of the operation. In a matter of seconds, they can determine whether the problem can be rectified by the operator or whether the vehicle needs repairing by a service partner. This saves time and makes the manager’s day-to-day working life that little bit easier. The development process also took into account mixed fleets. In the Fleet Monitor system, operating data is prepared in standardised ISO format, meaning that it can be integrated in multi-manufacturer fleet management systems.

PALFINGER Fleet Monitor is available now for all crane models in the TEC and SH series and for the TEC5 hookloader.

Operator Monitor – mobile interface for crane operators

Maintenance checklists are also a key feature of the Operator Monitor. The mobile app – available for android and iOS – supports crane operators in their daily work, helping them to operate the crane efficiently, safely and smoothly. The mobile maintenance checklist on the crane operator’s mobile phone tells them when they have to perform which servicing jobs on the crane – instructions included! This makes it easier for them to schedule the follow-up lubrication of guide blocks or a complete visual inspection. The crane operator can also view upcoming service dates and plan for the scheduled downtime in advance. Professional and regular maintenance extends the operational and service life of devices.

The app shows the operator the precise status of the crane and its working radius under consideration of the current stabiliser situation. It also provides comprehensive information – in video, text and image format – on all of the individual functions of PALFINGER loader cranes. When an error message appears, the platform guides the operator through the repair process. There’s no need to flick through the instruction manual because crane operators have direct access via their mobile phones to status codes so that they can arrange for a professional repair as quickly as possible. The machine also shows the nearest service workshops and their contact information.

PALFINGER Operator Monitor is available now for all crane models in the TEC and SH series.