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Penny Hydraulics Lifting Equipment at The Plant & Waste Recycling Show 2015

Penny Hydraulics are proud to be exhibiting their vehicle mounted lifting equipment at the Plant & Waste Recycling Show (PAWRS) on the 9th to the 11th June in Paignton, Devon.


PAWRS 2015 will be a unique networking exhibition, that will allow visitors to gain great insight into the industries challenging topics with seminars from experts within the waste and recycling industry.

Not only can you learn and see the technology but you can see them in action at the 2000m2 demonstration area for cranes and other equipment aimed at the Plant and Waste recycling market. Exhibitors will be giving demonstrations and talks on current issues such as Cycle Awareness and new legislation.

 The PAWRS Show is a free to visit exhibition including conference marquees, demonstration zones and networking marquee. It is recommended that visitors register online to jump the queue and keep up to date with new and exciting news from PAWRS, exhibitors, speakers and news within the industry.

Penny Hydraulics will have a presence at the event with their new range of hydraulic PH cranes for trucks and pick-ups. The truck cranes, which have been developed primarily for the 3.5 to 12 tonne commercial vehicle market range from 0.5 tm lifting capacity all the way up to 5.1 tm, with boom reaches up to almost 7 metres.

In addition to the range of hydraulic PH Cranes, Penny Hydraulics offer a wide range of industry specific mechanical handling solutions including the GridLift. Penny Hydraulics has introduced a new version of its Grid Lift that will allow this unique device to be installed on a wider range of gully tankers and maintenance vehicles to lift heavy gully and drain covers out of the way for clear access during cleaning and jetting operations. The new Grid Lift can handle covers weighing up to 250kg, is ideal for freeing seized covers, and eliminates the need for crews to handle covers by hand for improved productivity and better health and safety compliance.

The original Grid Lift was based around a simple but effective design that incorporated two hydraulic rams, one horizontal and one vertical to position the device precisely over the cover being lifted. Although this design has proved to be extremely successful with operators including Atkins Somerset Highways Commission it can only be installed on larger tanker chassis where there is space running laterally across the vehicle to accommodate the horizontal hydraulic ram. The new design removes this limitation because it is based on a Penny Hydraulics Swing Lift crane which means it can be installed in many more positions on the chassis to provide tanker builders and operators with much greater flexibility in the vehicle configuration.

For the new design a hydraulic cylinder with a special frame attachment is mounted vertically on the end of the popular Swing Lift 250 knuckle jointed crane. The knuckle joint configuration allows the frame to be positioned anywhere within an 835mm radius of the mounting point for precise and accurate lifting of covers. Once in position the frame is connected securely to the gully cover using simple twist-locking keys that can accommodate castings of different profiles. The cover is then lifted upwards and the whole device swung to one side to provide vehicle crews with clear and unobstructed access to the gully or drain for safe and efficient inspection, maintenance and cleaning. The cover is replaced in the reverse operation.

The Grid Lift’s fully-hydraulic action ensures all movements are smooth and precise for the best possible combination of performance and safety. There is no need for any manual handling of the cover and the entire process can be completed in around two minutes at each gully so that there is no impact on daily clearing rates and overall productivity. The whole unit folds away unobtrusively when not in use and is held securely in the retracted position by two independent locking pins to comply with health and safety regulations when the vehicle is moving.

In addition to the Gridlift, Penny Hydraulics will be exhibiting some of their award winning SwingLift electric vehicle mounted cranes for vans and pick-ups. Our SwingLift range of cranes starts with capacities as low as 100kg with bespoke boom lengths to suit small car-derived vans, to models with over 4.3 metres of boom reach and capacities over 2000kg. Although already well specified, you can choose additional features from our extensive options lists including manual or hydraulic slewing, proportional hydraulic control or full wireless remote control, additional pillar and rope lengths and hydraulic or electric winches. All are ideal for pickups, drop-sides, flatbeds or vans and provide low-cost, reliable service and proven durability.