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Penny Hydraulics new truck crane range promotes lower vehicle emissions and greater fuel economy

More than ever, it is clear that customers are focused on vehicle payload.


It is therefore not surprising that the latest trend in truck crane design is to remove weight without compromising on performance and safety. Penny Hydraulics uses its in-house advanced CAD and finite element analysis tools to re-engineer its pick-up and truck PH crane range to reduce weight through optimised crane design and use of alternative materials which replace some steel components with lighter alloys.

Operators can now install a Penny Hydraulics PH Crane with reduced impact on the overall vehicle weight to leave more carrying capacity for improved operational flexibility and productivity.

Although this helps with all types of vehicle it is especially useful for those in the 3.5t and 7.5t classes where remaining within the overall weight and carrying capacity limits are always of concern to operators.

PH truck cranes are manufactured from the latest high quality steels, including Domex and Weldox. This means that the crane structures are high strength and durable yet lightweight, helping to reduce emissions, maximise fuel economy and maximise payload.