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PERI presented new product innovations at ConExpo 2020

North America’s largest construction tradeshow is held in Las Vegas every three years and usually lasts for five days. This year it was cut short a day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the increasing concerns about COVID-19, members of the construction industry traveled from all over the world to see the newest products and technology available in the market and show management worked tirelessly to make sure the health and safety of all exhibitors and attendees were the number one priority. PERI was one of over 2,300 exhibitors at the show. Our newest products on display include our PD-5 Shoring System, Heavy Duty Column Form and Modular Dancefloor System. The ladder of the two being debuted for the very first time.

PD-5 Shoring System


With PD-5, PERI is now bringing the smart features of some of their higher-tier products to traditional 10K shoring frames. This includes the innovative PERI-UP gravity lock to diagonal brace connections as well as new double pins for vertical frame connections, resulting in less parts and pieces needed for assembly and less parts to lose than with conventional systems. The square profiles of the horizontal bars on the PD-5 frames ensure compatibility with PERI’s standard scaffolding parts, such as decks, for safer access during erection and dismantling of the system and ledger-to-ledger connections, for bracing several towers together or creating a safe guardrail solution within the shoring towers. The system is flexible in height and width to accommodate all building geometries and lightweight, with no piece heavier than 48 lbs.

Heavy Duty Column Form

PERI’s newly launched heavy duty civil column forms are targeted specifically at the infrastructure segment. An innovative tie solution with a unique sleeve bolt design allows for generous spacing of the corner ties every 2 feet with no impact wrench required for installation and removal. Two panel widths, 5’ and 8’ allow for column sizes from 6”x6” up to 8’x8’ with no thru-ties, adjustable in 6 inch increments. The all-steel panels with single joints and cover plates designed for a perfect flush fit with the form face produce a class “A” finish.

Modular Dancefloor System

PERI’s new modular dancefloor system offers comfortable access for rebar and PT installation, pouring of the concrete and for any post concreting work for the construction of bridge caps. Modular beams with full moment connection allow easy length adjustment from one project to another with a choice between traditional girder and plywood or premium steel decking options depending on project requirements.

Source: PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.