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Pix4D showcases drone-based digital construction solutions at BAUMA 2019, Booth #406 - Hall A2

Pix4D, the industry leader in professional drone mapping and photogrammetry software, will present its powerful mapping solutions for earthworks, construction and infrastructure management at BAUMA 2019, the largest construction trade fair in the world.


“Our attendance at BAUMA underscores our dedication to helping construction companies reshape their strategies and adopt new technologies on site. According to industry estimates, approximately 15% of project costs are typically from rework. These costs can be greatly decreased with new data capture methods and construction processes, significantly reducing the overall time and cost of projects,” said Julian Norton, Business Development Manager at Pix4D.

During the event, the company will demo its dedicated mapping software for construction, Pix4Dbim, and reveal a new version of its innovative Crane Camera solution, a pioneering way to get daily drone data -- without a drone -- for construction site monitoring in 2D and 3D.

Pix4D will be located at booth 406 in hall 2.

Pix4Dbim: the leading drone mapping software for earthworks, construction and infrastructure management

Pix4Dbim software makes drone mapping data accessible and useful across the whole industry, improving site communications, planning, and operations.

Offering both desktop and cloud processing, Pix4D software automatically converts images taken by drone, handheld or crane-mounted cameras into precise, georeferenced and scaled 2D maps and 3D models. Results are delivered daily, shared with all project stakeholders and compatible with BIM/CAD software.

With advanced software capabilities such as volume calculations, elevation profile generation and export, 3D virtual inspection, and automatic point cloud classification based on machine-learning processes, Pix4Dbim offers valuable insights for construction surveys, jobsite monitoring, and project documentation.

Pix4D Crane Camera solution: the next step in project tracking

Pix4D’s Crane Camera revolutionizes the way construction projects are monitored and documented. As-built data is collected automatically and daily, enabling project and BIM managers to get real-time site updates remotely.

The Pix4D Crane Camera solution consists of an advanced weatherproof camera system with a powerful onboard micro-computer. Fully autonomous and powered by the crane, the system is installed on tower cranes and connected to Pix4D photogrammetry software. Site images are captured automatically during normal crane operations, transferred to Pix4D’s collaborative cloud platform -- via a 4G connection -- to be processed and converted into 2D and 3D models (2D scaled orthophotos, 3D point clouds, 3D meshes, and digital surface models). Daily surveys can be measured, analyzed, compared with CAD drawings, and shared with all project members for real-time site monitoring. Outputs can also be exported to third-party BIM software for further analysis.


To date, Pix4D’s Crane Camera has been adopted by more than 30 leading construction companies worldwide, who access the daily results online to verify site progress, rapidly detect any design clashes and schedule deviations.

At BAUMA 2019, Pix4D will present a new version of the Crane Camera solution that integrates advanced components to facilitate on-site installation and boost results. This new version promises faster data delivery, higher accuracy and self-maintenance capabilities. A central management hub will also be installed directly in the cabin of the crane which will offer better customer control, improve the overall user experience, and bring more opportunities for cost and time savings.


Source: Pix4D