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Plenty of action at the recycling aktiv & TiefbauLive double trade fair

Experts from the recycling industry who visit recycling aktiv & TiefbauLive can look forward not only to the demo areas, where the exhibitors show machinery and facilities in action, but can also experience action areas that cover diverse topics and offer visitors opportunities to experience entire sequences.

The “Scrap & Metal” action area


The “Scrap & Metal” action area is one of these action areas and it was already a magnet for visitors last year. Circa 2,000 square meters provide ample space for the infrastructure of a modern scrap yard with all necessary work phases such as storing, shredding, handling and reutilization. Among other items, visitors can see scrap shears from the IUT Beyeler AG, Paal Baugeräte GmbH and Genesis GmbH companies. The ZDAS a.s. company will collaborate with Klann Anlagentechnik GmbH to set up a scrap baler. The Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH will present a mobile metal installation featuring the VB 950 DK primary crusher, the MMS 150 DK mobile metal screen, the MWA 1000 E mobile eddy-flow separator and the HEM 1250 DK mobile fine shredder for metals. Furthermore, the analyticon instruments gmbh will make available handheld measuring devices, and the Staplerbesen Vertrieb Deutschland will demonstrate the Butti forklift broom.

The “Wood & Biomass” action area

A newly conceived action area is dedicated to the theme of “Wood & Biomass”. Woods are presorted here, foreign materials are removed, woods are shredded and wooden recyclates are fabricated. Arjes GmbH, Haas Holzzerkleinerungs- und Fördertechnik GmbH, Komptech Umwelttechnik Deutschland GmbH, DOPPSTADT GmbH, Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH, Jürgen Kölsch GmbH and J. Willibald GmbH have agreed to participate. The demonstrations will show single- and double-shaft shredders, mobile overlength return, mobile screening systems, crushers and fine macerators. There will also be plenty see for recycling of organic wastes on the 2,700 square meter area, e.g. waste wood, green cuttings and branches as well as agricultural wastes.

A special exhibition of plastic recycling

The special exhibition of plastic recycling is likewise new. This show has been prepared for the fair by the Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e. V. (bvse). Guests who visit the adjacent halls can see how recyclates can be transformed into site-fence bases, noise-abatement installations, load carriers, breakwaters, equipment for children’s playgrounds and many other useful items.

Highlights from the exhibitors

Hartl, an Austrian company which ranks among the pioneers in crushing technology, presents a patented development at the fair. The “Performance Skid” is a highly adaptable power unit and docking station for accessory equipment such as crusher buckets, separators or shredders. It works with the utmost energy efficiency and thus minimizes operating expenses. In combination with the Bucket Crusher, which is already in use at hundreds of sites around the world, it comprises a highly mobile crushing facility with incomparable advantages. Quick and simple to install, it impressively boosts performance. Low throughput caused by unproductive swivel time had been criticized in previous crusher buckets: this weakness is eliminated here by continual feeding. This new device accordingly no longer has anything to fear from comparison with conventional crushing facilities. The problem of low discharge height is elegantly solved by the stepless height adjustability of the crushing unit. This will be particularly appreciated by customers who must break reinforced concrete, concrete sleepers or railroad cross-ties. The tipping function assures that long standing times caused by blockages in the crusher are now a thing of the past: simply tipping the crushing unit solves this problem at the push of a button.

Hartl goes one step farther and offers a building-block system: each customer can satisfy his unique requirements by choosing whichever components are necessary to compile an individualized facility, all the way up to a complete processing plant. Whether for preparing natural stone or for recycling: Hartl offers an appropriate solution for every need, with suitable modules that are compactly constructed, quick to set up, and speedy to reposition. Each module can be used either in combination or on its own. Costly transports aboard low-bed trucks and special permits are likewise no longer needed.

The Bitzer Wiegetechnik GmbH from Hildesheim presents its comprehensive portfolio of scales and software for the recycling and waste-treatment industries inside the hall. The vehicle scales are manufactured from high-quality concrete and are available in various bridge lengths from six to forty meters. They’re suitable for diverse purposes and for vehicles of various lengths. This company has specialized know-how for installing vehicle scales under challenging conditions, e.g. for installation under existing structures or in existing halls. Bitzer also offers other types of scales, e.g. dump and belt scales: dump scales are used as loading or unloading scales for net weighings; belt scales are built into conveyer belts, where they weigh the material during the transport process.

Bitzer also provides the necessary software, which makes it convenient to operate all of the scales and simple to document the results of each weighing. The Bitzer Professional also facilitates comprehensive processing of the weighing data; it is custom tailored to meet the needs of the disposal, recycling and building-materials industries. The integration of Google Maps makes it possible to visually depict the unloading sites and to drive to them via plug-in navigation, e.g. with the aid of a smartphone. Modern data transfer via SSL encryption facilitates secure networking of spatially separate sites via the internet. Mobile and cloud-based software solutions are available. Browser-based apps for smartphones and tablets enable users to conveniently trigger the weighing process from their mobile devices.

Based on the specific requirements of each client, Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik develops the optimal solutions for composting, biomass treatment, soil decontamination, recycling and material sorting. In the field of mobile technology, this company demonstrates the Targo 3000 single-shaft shredder. Its efficiency and precision enable it to master even the most difficult tasks in the preparation of scrap wood, green clippings, tree bark and other waste materials from homes, gardens, landscaping or industrial sites. It has a 3-meter-long roller which can be equipped with 21 (or optionally 42) screwed tearing and cutting tools. The roller completes 32 rotations per minute. A big plus is the intelligent direct drive, which assures energy-saving and simultaneously powerful shredding.

The new semi-mobile Aircut 1600 wind sifter works according to the principles of density and gravity. It helps users to produce high-quality, clean, stone-free biomass. After an upstream sifting machine has separated out the fine grain, the medium grain or oversize material is directly conveyed onto the wind sifter’s 1,600-millimeter-wide conveyer belt, where it is accelerated to the correct speed and transported to the release edge. The adjustable air jet blows the lighter materials upwards so a rotating separator drum can convey them onto the discharge belt. Heavier materials, on the other hand, bump into the separator drum and find their way into a container positioned under the separator drum. A lateral discharge conveyor belt is optionally available.

The Paal Baugeräte GmbH company is a manufacturing and trading business which collaborates with various renowned partners and manufacturers to offer high-quality products and their accompanying services. Paal’s extensive portfolio for the demolition and recycling industries includes La Bounty scrap shears, Montabert hydraulic hammers, pulverisers and demolition shears from the Rotar brand, screening buckets from the Remu brand, and dust-laying machines and installations from EMI Controls.

At its stand and on the “Scrap and Metal” action area, this company will demonstrate Echidna hydraulic saws, which Paal included in its spectrum of products at the end of 2016. These saws can be added onto excavators as accessory equipment. Echidna develops and produces CE-certified saws that have a long lifespan and need very little servicing. The market’s technological leader has integrated a braking system into the saws. The diamond-tipped saw blades can rotate forwards and backwards. With its innovative solutions, this company would like to contribute to the ongoing improvement of its customers’ production processes. The saws, which were initially developed for rock and concrete, also work successfully in recycling contexts, where they cut materials such as steel, GRP, textile, wood, paper, rubber or nonwoven materials.

Source: MK Medien Kommunikation; Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH