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Pre show Reporting LogiMAT/TradeWorld 2016

Hutchinson, a French company from the Chemical Branch of the Total Group – first French group - is one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation.

Hutchinson, inventor of the Poly V® concept recognized throughout the world as the specialist for belt drive systems.

Hutchinson pioneered the optimization of conveyor system power transmission and constantly seeks to innovate, with a spirit of proactiveness and partnership. We have developed the ConveyXonic® belt a power transmission elastic belt featuring multiple longitudinal ribs specifically developed for roller conveyors. It is the only technology capable of transporting parcels weighing from 1 kg to 2 tonnes.

The ConveyXonic® replaces the six technologies used in the conveyor system (flat belt, round belt, timing belt, twisted belt, tangential and chain belt).

Conveyxonic users will benefit from cost savings such as


The efficiency of the ConveyXonic® reduces the motor’s electrical consumption.


Only one technology to stock:

In the case of light loads and depending on the weight of the load being transported, you change the number of ribs on the belt but always retain the same roller.

Low purchase cost: immediate savings.

The ConveyXonic® belt’s exceptional mechanical properties mean that a single motor is able to power up to a maximum of 50 rollers, generating a saving of at least 30% on each module.

As a market leader and in order to help our customers to define their Conveyxonic® belts rapidly Hutchinson has launched its APP WIZARD CONVEYXONIC® The ConveyXonic® Wizard Hutchinson is a free, simple and quick selection guide for your ConveyXonic®.

- You choose the type of roller conveyor (straight or curved).

- You enter the load to be transported and the desired flow speed.

- The Wizard then recommends the ConveyXonic® belt best suited to your needs.

Available on App store ou Google play

Desktop version and online version available on

Our solutions have already been adopted by the major players in the conveyor systems market.

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems is a key partner for companies that are striving for technological progress providing them with added-value, economical, and reliable innovating solutions.