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RAMOS-TLX from FELLA – New centrally-attached premium rear-mounted mowers with X folding system and fully professional technology

With the launch of its new RAMOS TLX series, FELLA is presenting a new generation of centrally-attached rear-mounted mowers for the coming season, with 119° transport position (X folding system) and a comprehensive equipment package. The use of premium technologies such as the TurboLift cutter bar suspension system and SafetySwing impact guard make these mowers truly professional machines. A whole host of practical features have been included to make harvesting easier and to enhance the user experience.

RAMOS TLX – High performance to mark the start of anniversary season


The RAMOS TLX series models will begin rolling off the production lines in Feucht from September 2017. Variants include the RAMOS 3160 TLX with a 3.10 m working width, and RAMOS 3670 TLX with a 3.60 m working width. Both models are also optionally available with a tine-rotor conditioner or a roller conditioner.

Follow the ground contours with minimum impact on nearly all terrain

The trailed design of the mower unit, which is suspended in the centre of gravity, enables optimum ground adaptation and an even cutting pattern. Together with the TurboLift system, which provides a continually adjusted contact pressure, the TLX mowers guarantee excellent guidance along the ground contour with minimum forage contamination and maximum sward protection. Both factors also support a mowing process with lower fuel consumption.

The curved design of the boom arm enables a wide pivot travel from -18° to +28°, and can therefore manage considerable unevenness and height differences with ease. High ground clearance on the headland is also ensured, while an integrated compensation cylinder prevents rocking.

Effective folding

The RAMOS TLX mowers are folded using hydraulic cylinders in the machine's centre of gravity, and are gently moved to the end position by a suspension system. The even distribution of weight on the lower link and axle ensures good stability and agility when the machine is being transported. The X folding system enables both a lower transport height and a clear field of view in the rear view mirror.

Practical parking supports are available as an option for RAMOS TLX mowers. This system saves space when parking the machinery in the transport position. The pressure-relief button on the mower's control device reduces the pressure to zero in one swift action. When you attach the mower, the system automatically restores the optimal pressure. 

Secure folding

The SafetySwing impact guard, which is usually only used for large-area mowers, provides optimum safety in any field and reliably protects your machine from damage caused by striking objects. If the mower encounters an obstacle, it will fold back and away and then automatically return to its original position under its own weight.

The comfort is in the details

The folding front and side guards facilitate cleaning and maintenance work. With the optional hydraulics, the side guard can be conveniently activated from the tractor seat to reduce the transport height, and is equipped with a fixed plastic bar to prevent any slight damage from the front guard.A clear display on the boom arm of the mower unit simplifies the adjustment of the lower link to the correct working height and reduces set-up times in the field.The counter-comb on the tine rotor conditioner can be easily adjusted to 5 different positions using the conveniently accessible lever.Last but not least, every TLX mower comes with a spacious box for spare blades and other tools, as well as a holder for the blade change key.

Source: AGCO Feucht GmbH