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With a weight of 35t, the RM flagship produces an incredible 350t/h in certain applications. Photo Credit: Jürgen Kölsch GmbH Go to photo
With a weight of 35t, the RM flagship produces an incredible 350t/h in certain applications. Photo Credit: Jürgen Kölsch GmbH

RM 120GO! for natural stone and recycling applications

The best output production to weight ratio of any unit in the industry: extreme throughput, compact and easy to operate and transport.


Service, cost savings and efficiency are some of the reasons more and more companies are deciding to purchase a RM 120GO! impact crusher. With a weight of 35t, the RM flagship produces an incredible 350t/h in certain applications. Depending on infeed rates and feed process, the RM 120GO! accepts infeed sizes of up to 850mm and reduces this to an extremely cubicle end product in one pass. "For both recycling and natural stone customers, the unique RM crusher technology provides the highest crushing efficiency", explains Gerald Hanisch, CEO, and is one of the benchmarks of the RM product portfolio. The mobile impactor will be demonstrated during the course of the Steinexpo exhibition.

It is not only the latest innovation - the RM 120GO! - that offers the highest efficiency and quality, all other crushers produced by RM are designed to provide the highest levels of efficiency. The units are also extremely easy to operate. It is these qualities that convince customers to purchase RUBBLE MASTER.

RM 90GO!

New generation on-board screening

Also being presented is the RM 90GO! mobile impact crusher with RM MS95 single deck hanging screen with swiveling refeeding belt. A top priority in the development of these screening modules, was to achieve the highest levels of accuracy when splitting the crushed material into two end fractions. The material not passing through the screen mesh - the oversized material - is transported back to the hopper of the crusher over the refeed belt RM RFB7540. Because the RFB is able to be swiveled at 90 or 180 degrees, the oversized material can also be deposited on the ground as a sellable product.

Robert Jackson, Director at U.K. construction company, Peter Bennie, was quickly convinced that the RM 90GO! with hanging screen could keep up with bigger, heavier crushers. “I have always been sceptical of smaller impact crushers, believing they could not deliver the same output and process as efficiently as large jaw crusher could when it comes to producing large volumes of aggregates. However, I have been so impressed with the quantity and quality of single-sized material the RM 90GO! is processing and supplying. Overall the RUBBLE MASTER compact crusher has convinced me to move away from the belief large jaw crushers are the answer to turning over high volumes of aggregates.”

RM wind sifter for higher final product quality in recycling applications

One of the RUBBLE MASTER innovations is the RM windsifter, which enables the efficient separation of non-mineral from mineral input and thereby guarantees even higher end aggregate quality. At the heart of the RM windsifter is a blower that feeds the air nozzle via a flexible tube.

The versatility of the mobile impactor


"The industry is becoming more and more aware of the versatility and flexibility of our range on mobile crushers. With the RM 120GO! we offer an impactor that does the job in C&D waste as well as natural stone, especial hard rock, and produces high quality end products. We are constantly challenging the industry, and in most cases proven that the elimination of two or three crushers is absolutely possible and economical,” says Hanisch.

The technical advantages built into the RM products are due to the core competences in the Development team at RM headquarters in Austria. This is combined with designing innovations based on listening to end customers and dealers. All crushers are assembled in the Austrian HQ and leave the factory fully tested to highest quality and functional levels.



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