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Rotar scrap shear shows what it’s made of during industrial demolitions in Germany

During demolition of the old clay processing facility of the MTG Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH company in the German town of Gießen, demolition company Weimer GmbH from Lahnau used the Rotar scrap shear for the first time.

Big job


The old steel building used to house the old Gail steam, stone and clay factory, which went bankrupt in the 1990s. For demolition of the 31 metres high steel structure, Weimer used two large Liebherr type 964 excavators. The Rotar RSS 50 scrap shear was the perfect choice to tackle the enormous steel construction with its supports that were 25 millimetres thick, or more.

The 6,200kg Rotar RSS 50 was connected to the Liebherr machines using a hydraulic quick-change system, which also enables the operators to quickly switch between different types of equipment. With its large jaws of almost 800mm and a cutting power of 955 tonnes, the scrap shear effortlessly cut through the steel beams at this construction site.

The demolition works required moving and cutting over 600 tonnes of steel. The minerals were professionally processed on site. This was a job for Rotar’s biggest demolition/sorting grab, the RG 60 N with an operational weight of 3,860 kg. Together with the RSS 50 scrap shear, the grab formed a strong Rotar team.

Satisfied Rotar users

Thomas Koch, executor at Weimer GmbH, was very happy to have the Rotar shear’s power during this job. “Using this shear enabled us to optimally dismantle the steel construction and cut it into pieces. As a result, the activities on the construction site were completed ahead of schedule.”

The excavator’s operator praised the smooth controls and the shear’s cutting power. “It has a good centre of gravity and is balanced properly, meaning it can also be used in steel constructions that are harder to access. Moreover, the shear can be turned hydraulically and is fitted with a specially designed hydraulic speed valve that is mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder. This results in very short working cycles.”

Happy with their dealer

Weimer GmbH called the services provided by Zeigner ZHD from Hünstetten, the Rotar dealer who arranges the sale and maintenance of the Rotar equipment, perfect. Georg Ribitzki, Rotar sales manager in Germany: “Our collaboration with Zeigner ZHD goes back over 15 years and we are very happy with the reliable Zeigner team.

Source: Rotar