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RUTHMANN: New and established highlights at APEX

The STEIGER® models showcased at RUTHMANN’s APEX stand in Amsterdam included the innovative HEIGHT performance T 400, the top-selling (3.5 t) TBR 220, the T 330, and the brand new T 630.

With its 33 m working height and 21.2 m lateral reach, the illustrated RUTHMANNSTEIGER®T 330  is performance data world champion in its work platform (to 7.49 t chassis) category.

The core component of the T 330 is its ultra-modern boom system made of high-strength, fine-grained steel. The rigid turret, which functions independently without any additional hydraulic mechanisms, is sturdy and maintenance free.

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RUTHMANN’s STEIGER®T 630 features an impressive 63 m working and 39 lateral reach. As with the other models in the HEIGHT performance-series (T 380, T 400, T460, T 540, T 720), the greatest customer benefit is the incredible reach capacity when working up high.

The STEIGER®T 630 provides 5 metres of additional reach, compared to previous work platforms in this platform category.

It is also interesting to note that the weight of the STEIGER®T 630 is less than 32,000 kg. Furthermore, its overall length is a compact 11.9 metres. It can therefore be driven on all roads throughout Europe without special permits or authorizations.

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Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG