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RUTHMANN: new basket for large-scale equipment in the highflex series

The new workplace for STEIGER® customers of the HF large-scale equipment series: the newly-developed basket from RUTHMANN.
Ruthmann Europe
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The new workplace for STEIGER® customers of the HF large-scale equipment series: the newly-developed basket from RUTHMANN.

In the context of announcing the STEIGER® T 900 HF, RUTHMANN is also presenting the new work basket for the highflex series of large-scale equipment. The innovations offer a long list of benefits.


Truck-mounted working platforms with heights of over 50 m are real multi-talents that are used for a wide variety of different purposes. The work basket has to fulfil a large number of parameters depending on the application. So for STEIGER® models with the supplement ‘HF’, in other words large-scale equipment using the highflex technology, RUTHMANN has developed a completely new work basket.   

During assembly or cleaning operations a telescopic basket ensures the maximum working area on the structure concerned. The floor of the new basket is completely barrier-free, which gives the operator in the basket an even greater sense of security while working.

The lift-up system – with which heavy or bulky parts can be securely lifted to the desired installation position – has been updated. The mountings for booms and traverses are integrated into the new basket. This provides a 25 kg weight advantage and thus once again hugely shortened setup times.

When a greater number of loads need to be lifted from the ground to an installation site high up, the new basket offers an easy to install material winch holder as standard.

The COCKPIT control panel can be attached to different positions in the basket, so that the work basket can be navigated towards the structure safely, precisely and ergonomically.

The new basket floor and ambient lighting ensures that operators can work safely in the basket and on the building even in darkness. In this way the use and utilisation level of the STEIGER® can be substantially extended through work activities during the night and at the dark times of year. 

The folding seat which can be attached anywhere in the basket helps the operator to relax, for example when wireless measurement activities result in long downtimes. The folding mechanism makes the seat especially space-saving.

A heated wind sensor can be used down to – 20° and transmits the data/wind speed to the COCKPIT control panel. The wind sensor can be attached at different points in the basket depending on use.

The struts around the edge of the basket have been reduced to a minimum so as to allow the fitters even greater ease of assembly.

A hand guard around the edge reduces the risk of injuries due to crushing, even when the basket is in the fully telescoped position.

The optimised document and tool tray offers useful storage options for A4 installation and operation instructions as well as tools and small assembly items of all kinds.

With the 2 additional anchor points on the telescopic basket element for attaching PPE, the new RUTHMANN basket now has 10 anchor points in total, all of them now designed for 22.2 kN (instead of the previous 3.5-16 kN) in accordance with CAN/CSA-C225-10.

The list of features of the innovative basket is completed by the increased number of cleaning ports and the optimisation of the basket floor heating system. This is controlled via the COCKPIT control panel and regulates the function of the heating plates screwed on beneath the floor of the basket.


In a separate version RUTHMANN offers a camera basket. This has a useful camera bracket which allows stable and thus shake-free filming even from the greatest heights. The new camera basket comes without an additional console for the camera bracket; this is installed on the traverse mounting of the lift-up system that is integrated in the basket floor. The handrail in the camera area can be detached with a few simple hand movements to allow the camera to swivel optimally.