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Sampierana at SaMoTer 2020

With over 65% of exported machines in 2019, the Eurocomach brand strengthens its international vocation. Italy - where the company Sampierana S.p.A. is based – is still the 1st selling country for machines followed by Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Spain and Australia. The brand's entry into the American market is noteworthy thanks to the collaboration with some new retailers.


The first and long-awaited appointment for the new year is the SaMoTer exhibition in Verona - from 21 to 25 March – where Sampierana will show representative products from all three sectors: a tracked undercarriage model and a large exhibition area dedicated to spare parts for undercarriages, original Sampierana and Berco, whereby the company has been authorized dealer for over 40 years. There are many news regarding earth moving machines branded Eurocomach, with some models which just entered the market and other prototypes soon to be produced.

In particular, among the new models already in production there will be the two midi-excavators of the 6 ton segment: the 60ZT with monolithic boom and the 65TR with triple boom. The Kubota engine is even more powerful and - now for the whole range - is Stage V, compliant with the latest European anti-pollution regulations. Equipped with Fan Drive system, the machine is quieter and thanks to the reverse function (inversion of the direction of rotation for cleaning the radiant masses) the cooling and cleaning operations are even more efficient.

The new cabin - comfortable and spacious - is installed on four hydraulic silent blocks, which eliminate vibrations on board, guaranteeing the maximum level of operator comfort.

In addition to the soft touch servo-assisted manipulators, the double-slide cushioned seat complete with armrests (with three height adjustment steps) and the moving levers equipped with foldable pedals, the new 6-ton segment models are equipped with a radio with Bluetooth speaker, storage compartments and mobile phone holder with USB port and other practical accessories. In addition, the 7 "multifunction display allows the operator to continuously monitor the status of the machine, choose and customize the various configurations of use through simple and intuitive controls. Both models are equipped (in standard equipment) with headlights and LED bars, for optimal lighting and reduced energy consumption.

The new 60ZT (zero tail) and 65TR (short radius) are distinguished by their compact dimensions, which allow them to work easily even in narrow spaces, with high performances standards hardly equaled by the competition.

Amongst the future projects of the Eurocomach Technical Department there is the restyling of the 8-10 ton range and the new models of the 4-4,5 ton range, with the prototype of the 4 ton that will be unveiled for the occasion of the SaMoTer exhibition.

This new 4 ton will be the first example of its segment with a completely renewed design, in line with the new and already widely appreciated 6 tons. Equipped with a Stage V engine with DPF filter, it will offer performance and comfort equal to higher segment machines and it will enter the market around the end of 2020. This model represents the first of a series of machines in the 4-4,5 ton segment that will present a variety of features and equipment to meet different work needs.

2020 will see two new models arriving in the compact loader range: the 17SK (wheeled with an operating weight of 3,100 kg) and the 18TL (tracked with an operating weight of 4,100 kg), both exhibited at SaMoTer. The two compact loaders will also be equipped with a Stage V engine with DPF filter and Fan Drive system for reduced noise and increased efficiency.

After years of study that have perfected the initial project, the first example of an electric mini-excavator has now been completed. With the same weight and the same appearance as the traditional 14SR model, it is a machine entirely designed for electrical operation.

It mounts a lithium battery integrated in the rear compartment and it is equipped with an on- board battery charger for domestic users (slow charging) and an external battery charger for construction site users (fast charging) which proves to be very useful, for example during short breaks. In terms of autonomy, the goal is to cover the entire working day, considering a possible short recharge during the lunch break.

All the hydraulic functions are equal to those of the 14SR, if not better considering the reduction of the noise and emissions, more and more requested in the case of internal construction sites but also for all those construction sites in respectable areas such as city centers, hospitals, parks, schools, etc.

The marketing of this first electric model is expected by 2021 and subsequently the range will be completed at least up to the 5 ton segment.

Concerning the rest of the Eurocomach range, SaMoTer will surely not be missing: the 22SR, the recently produced short radius 2,2 ton with cabin that offers superior segment habitability; the 100TR - 10 ton zero tail with triple boom - and the 20TL, top of the range crawler skid loader, suitable for all types of work and equipment.

As always, the machines will be equipped with different Eurocomach attachments including hammers, mulchers, cutters, etc. In addition, there will be some models painted in special colors, the brand's real strong point.

Source: Sampierana S.p.A.