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SANY port machinery solves Maldives' long-standing customs clearance trouble

Inefficient customs clearance at Maldives’ Male Port and the resulting hikes of goods price had been always haunting this country, until the arrival of SANY port equipment. “No reasons not to decrease the price of goods (now),” Maldives President Abdulla Yameen promised to the public.


President’ commitment is by no means a blank check. A total of 12 sets of port machinery, including reach stackers, container handlers and forklift trucks, were purchased by the Maldives’ Government from SANY India, an India-based SANY’s subsidiary last Nov.

By now, the containers unloading efficiency has been greatly improved. Each freighter waits for only three days before the containers are unloaded within just 18 hours. Containers clearance per day now increases to 250, twice the previous volume. Thereout the long-standing high freight and customers clearance agency fees are expected to be reduced to a more acceptable level.

“Maldives is an emerging market that SANY will further explore soon,” Deepark Garg, CEO of SANY India said. By now, over 50 units of SANY machines have participated in the construction of airports, roads, bridges and ports in Maldives, with its sales and service network having been well-established there.

Source: SANY Europe GmbH