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Seegrid and Topper Industrial Announce Partnership to Provide VGV and Cart-Based Materials Handling Solutions

Seegrid Corporation, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, announced its partnership with Topper Industrial, a manufacturer specializing in industrial carts, industrial containers and lift systems, and other material handling equipment, to provide vision guided vehicles (VGVs) and cart-based materials handling solutions.


Chris Visnic, Vice President of Sales and Services for Seegrid stated, “Topper Industrial provides lean manufacturing and fork-free material handling solutions that increase automation and minimize touches in material delivery.  Our partnership provides VGV and cart-based solutions that work together to increase productivity, drive efficiency, and reduce labor costs for materials handling.  Additionally, our manufacturing customers recognize VGVs are a safer solution over manned travel.”

Seegrid’s state-of-the-art tow tractors coupled with Topper industrial cart systems act as trains carrying multiple loads in one trip.  This type of solution is extremely efficient for moving material, replacing one-load-at-a-time delivery. Cart-based solutions have evolved where they can operate in a wide range of applications, including parts delivery to a production line, kitting, or for sequenced cart orders delivering smaller loads more frequently.

Using the power of three-dimensional perception and visually mapping their environment, the VGVs revolutionary vision-based navigation system operates without laser targets, floor transponders, or magnetic tape.  The vision navigation solution offers ease of use and flexibility for trained facility staff members to change route paths quickly, without engineering support.

Ed Brown, CEO of Topper Industrial says, “Topper is very proud to be partnering up with Seegrid. With Seegrid’s advanced technology and the ease of use of their vision guided vehicles, Topper’s industrial carts will track more accurately than before. It will make fork truck free applications easier and more efficient.”