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Simply More Powerful: ZF PowerLine Automatic Transmission for Compact Special Vehicles

  • PowerLine automatic transmission offers the perfect ratio of curb weight to torque

  • Shift comfort on a par with premium passenger car

  • Smallest, lightest and most powerful transmission in its class

Operation on construction sites demands large amounts of power for special vehicles, often on difficult terrain. All of which puts strain on the driveline and on the driver too. The driver needs to operate heavy equipment while ensuring that no passers-by are located dangerously near to the vehicle. ZF's reliable PowerLine automatic transmission reduces the workload for operator and machinery alike. PowerLine delivers strong performance, and relieves the driver of arduous gearshift work allowing them to better focus on the job at hand.


The construction sector is booming: More and more people are drawn into cities, thereby increasing the demand for residential accommodation. Construction service providers require vehicles that are as efficient, reliable and as cost-effective as possible. For applications such as two axle mobile cranes, ZF offers the PowerLine automatic transmission. The transmission brings the shift comfort of an automatic transmission from a premium passenger car to this segment. Available with eight speeds, an input torque of 1,200 Nm (888 lb. ft) and a spread of 7.65 (10 with torque converter) that reduces fuel consumption, PowerLine takes the heavy loads in its stride. PowerLine also outperforms its direct competitors: Tipping the scales at 149 kg (328 lbs.) curb weight, it is 45 percent lighter than competing products and reduces fuel consumption by up to ten percent. Its acceleration figures are 30 percent better and yet it reduces noise by a third.

Economical and comfortable

During the development of PowerLine, ZF focused on reliability and operating costs – aspects that provide the customer with tangible advantages during round-the-clock operation in today's construction boom. Engineers leveraged synergies with other business units of the ZF Group and as a result, PowerLine employs million-fold tried-and- tested components inside the transmission. Operating costs have been reduced through lower fuel consumption, extended oil change intervals and wear-free driving. Automatic engine start/stop functionality and hybrid compatibility promise further potential savings. The integrated dual torsional damper and an intelligent transmission control guarantee that commercial vehicles intended for use on the construction site can provide the same automatic shift comfort you get in a passenger car – comfortable, fast and with no tractive force interruption. All of which reduces workload during slow speed maneuvering, as well as when starting off, increasing safety by allowing the operator to pay closer attention to the job at hand, and their surroundings.

Flexible and future-proof

PowerLine also offers special features for special vehicles. With two power take-offs, additional implements can be combined with torque of up to 650 Nm (480 lb. ft) and operated in all driving conditions. Various cooling concepts can support different customer requirements. An optional interface for directly fitted transfer cases supports all-wheel drive applications. Where necessary an automatic transmission brake can be integrated. Optional software modules support other features – such as ZF’s predictive shifting strategy PreVision GPS.

Source: ZF Friedrichshafen AG