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Spider Provides Access and Fall Protection for Mural Project in Milwaukee

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, has been putting muralists to work around the country, most recently providing the suspended access and fall protection solution for the painting of a frog mural in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Black Cat Alley, the group responsible for commissioning the European artist MTO to paint the iconic mural on Milwaukee’s east side, turned to Spider to get them to the work. Spider’s team rigged a 40-foot swingstage with SC1000 traction hoists from cornice hooks atop the building’s rooftop, eliminating the need for an expensive crane installation. Spider also provided full personal protective equipment to the crews to keep them safe and code-compliant while they worked at height. Spider pulled this project together in just 36 hours, meeting the customer’s tight deadline while saving them money compared to competitive bids.

“When planning for our mural project, we chose a beautiful and prominent wall for our visiting artist to tackle, without fully understanding the constraints of the utility poles, the roof access, and so many other structural details,” commented Stacey Williams-Ng, Program Director with Black Cat Alley. “If it hadn't been for Spider's assistance on these difficult matters, our project never would have been possible. We also had some scheduling and contract concerns that put us in the situation of not being able to confirm the equipment until late into the weekend. Thank you, Spider team, for being so flexible and patient with us as we secured all the necessary details into place. You helped us ensure safety, and professionalism and efficiency were the names of the game. We couldn't be happier with our experience!"