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SRH 9800 Infinity: Tractor of the Year 2015 finalist

23 members of the jury, coming from all over Europe and 40 marketing product managers from all over the world, representing all the world’s tractor brands, met up in France in wonderful Provence for the traditional Tractor of the Year 2015 in order to announce the finalists in the two categories Tractor of the Year and Best Specialized amongst which was Antonio Carraro: SRH 9800 Infinity.


SRH Infinity, reversible, articulated, hydrostatic,

The SRH 9800 Infinity (87 CV) is a compact, articulated tractor with reversible drive and a hydrostatic transmission (winner of the ”Intervitis, Interfructa Innovation 2013” award in the first original version at the last Intervitis fair at Stuttgart – Germany); it is a revolutionary model that ever since its launch has been well-received by the operators in the sector (especially vineyards and orchards), thanks to its unique features, its ease of use and operational accuracy. The Infinity version possesses innovations in terms of gearbox features and the constant variation of the transmission, without power interruptions which is particularly appreciated when dealing with discontinuous loads and differences in ground level. The Infinity transmission has two mechanical ranges (work and transfer): from 0 to 15 Km/h and from 0 to 40 Km/h. Each range has three hydraulic speeds that can be inserted during movement (without discontinuity) via a switch on the dashboard (or Joystick). The Eco system allows for maximum speed to be automatically maintained at a low level of engine revolutions, while at the same time guaranteeing lower fuel consumption and excellent operative comfort (in terms of noise levels and vibration) due to the fact that the lowering of the engine revolutions occurs automatically, without the operator’s intervention, once maximum velocity has been reached. The Infinity transmission, combined with the precision of the hydrostatic transmission, renders the tractor versatile and dynamic, and thus offers the operator infinite working speeds, for both calibrated, precise movements as well as for decisive or prolonged movements on plantations that require constant set speeds. The SRH 9800 Infinity is also fitted with an ESC device, an active control system of the revolutions of the PTO and operational speeds that can be monitored and independently adjusted which guarantees optimal performance even in the presence of discontinuous power absorption.

SRH Infinity cab > the StarLight is a cab with a spherically curved profile, which allows for its disengagement from narrow spaces. The operator enjoys total, all-round visibility thanks to its total glass doors and quarter vent windows along with the 4 portholes on the front part of the cab, in line with the tyres’ tread. The active carbon filters protect the operator from harmful fumes.

The acoustic comfort is on a par with that of an automobile thanks to its soundproof lining. All the pedals are suspended on the reversible drive tower, in an ergonomic position, so that the cab’s living area is completely isolated from the outside without any risk of air infiltration from the drive platform.

Source: Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.