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Steel half-pipe tipper trailer at the BAUMA

At the joint booth of Wielton and Langendorf in the open-space-area, FN 827/1 the Waltrop-based company with long tradition presents a steel half-pipe tipper.


The exhibited vehicle of type SKS-HS 24-7.5 without chute has a volume of 24.3 m³ and comes equipped with BPW disk brake axles. The steel half-pipe in the exhibited design weighs approx. 6,100 kg.

The first axle is equipped with the Langendorf axle lift, an electro-pneumatic paver brake with automatic raising, automatic lowering during the tipping operation for higher stability during the tipping operation and RSS (roll stability support) supplement the chassis equipment. The vehicle’s tires have Alcoa Dura Bright wheel rims.

Lighting is executed in full LED and complies with the state of the art. This also applies to the flashing side marker lights acc. to ECE 48 R-06. Two LED backup lights ensure perfect illumination.

The wall thickness of the front wall, made of high-strength fine-grain steel, is 4 mm inside and outside. Steps mounted on both sides allow comfortable access into the body.

The interior area of the side walls and back wall consists of 4 mm original Hardox HB 450, the bottom is laid out with 5 mm.

The tailgate with a 15° tilt is pendulum-mounted on top and automatically locked via two drawbars. The circumferential rubber seal is easily replaceable thanks to the special border profile.

A low pressure front wall press - 150 bar, 6,233 mm stroke - ensures the high tipping angle of over 52°. Among other things, a pressurized air manometer for weight control, a ladder as well as a broom and shovel holder complete the vehicle’s equipment.

In vehicles with steel body, Langendorf uses only Original Hardox HB 450. The sheet thicknesses used in it vary depending on the customer’s specifications.

Source: Langendorf GmbH