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STEYR takes the suggestions of their customers seriously and is taking big steps into the future. LECTURA Press was able to take advantage of this at the STEYR press camp on August 31.08. and 01.09.2021 in Donaustauf.

4120 Kompakt
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4120 Kompakt


Once again it was a great experience in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to see what Steyr has to offer in terms of comfort, effectiveness and value retention with future-oriented top technology in Steyr tractors. The demonstration took place at Ostermayr Landmaschinen in 93352 Rohr in Niederbayern.


Front loader series S <br> Image source: Petra Konheiser


From September the Steyr front loader series S will be available in two model series. The 20 models are compatible with the Steyr tractors Kompakt S and Kompakt, Multi, Expert CVT, Profi, Impuls CVT and Absolut CVT. It is based on a modern concept that ensures maximum performance for tractor/loader combinations.

The premium model series T (10 models) with lifting heights from 3.75 to 4.7 meters and a lifting force between 1.39 and 2.72 kilograms is designed for material handling work. For high accuracy and faster cycle times, a compensation cylinder connected to hydraulic implement tilting cylinders has been integrated into the tried and tested hydraulic parallel guidance system. An AUTO-UNLOAD system option with shovel / gripper synchronization (opening of the grapple / tipping out of the shovel) guarantees even greater convenience. So that hydraulic lines are optimally protected against damage, they run completely in the frame and cross member of the front loader.

The versatile and robust U series (10 models) with a maximum lifting height of 3.50 to 4.50 meters and a maximum lifting force of 1.210 to 2.230 kilograms is ideal with mechanical parallel guidance for everyday loader work. Here, too, the hydraulic lines run within the frame of the loader.

In both model series, the standard shock absorber system SHOCK Eliminator ensures a high level of driving comfort when driving on the road, and the coupling and uncoupling of the front loader arm is quick and easy with the automatic FITLOCK 2+ system.

At the same time, Steyr has developed a new digital configurator software for dealers with which customers can order everything from a single source at the local Steyr dealer and put together the perfect tractor/loader combination for their individual needs.


4120 Kompakt <br> Image source: Steyr

Both series: the Multi >proven as a versatile all-round tractor and a real specialist for agriculture in the Alpine region< and the Kompakt >easy to maneuver and flexible in use< are now characterized by a new 3.6 l F5 engine from FPT, which also Meets Stage V emissions regulations. The engine output has been increased and, depending on the model, the torque has been increased by up to 10%, with the maximum torque being achieved at a fuel-saving engine speed of 1,300 rpm. The Multi and the compact tractors benefit from a maintenance-free diesel particle filter and selective catalytic reduction in a single compact unit under the bonnet, which ensures excellent visibility and maneuverability. Maintenance is also easier as the fuel and oil filters are now accessible from the same side of the tractor.

Furthermore, the Multi offers a 32x32 transmission with automatic group change, a low center of gravity and can now also be equipped with the proven Steyr controls for the electronic front linkage - with or without front PTO - and electro-proportional mid-axle valves are available for the mechanical rear control units Disposal.


6240 Absolut CVT <br> Image source: Petra Konheiser

The 4 new Absolut CVT models 6185 (200 HP), 6200 (220 HP), 6220 (241 HP) and 6240 (261 HP) are visually and dynamically very different from their predecessors. The styling corresponds to the current STEYR design but with the innovative LED lighting package they are way ahead of the previous models. With the pneumatic cab suspension and the highly efficient S-Control CVT transmission with adaptable drive software, the Absolut CVT achieves a high level of comfort. To support productivity and ergonomics, there is a wealth of intelligent functions relating to the Absolut CVT. The new Stage V NEF67 engine from FPT Industrial is compatible with 100% HVO, a synthetic biofuel, and the service intervals now reach 750 operating hours, which significantly improves the tractor's environmental friendliness.

For the Absolut CVT series, 3 new configuration packages have been developed to simplify the specification process according to the most important customer requirements when ordering.

The “Evolution package” includes the new front linkage, which shares the hardware with the larger Terrus CVT stable companion and you can optionally add a front PTO. A four-speed rear PTO shaft in conjunction with a lifting force of the rear linkage of 10,463 kg is ensured so that the Absolut CVT also meets the greatest demands on attachments.

The “Excellence Package” was developed to meet the highest customer requirements for maximum productivity and performance. This premium package is aimed at automation, with functions such as front linkage management and Easy-Tronic II (extended headland and electro-hydraulic remote management) as standard equipment and is also including pneumatic cab suspension. With the Excellence package, the Absolut CVT is ready for STEYR S-Guide, which also includes a steering with variable ratio and the customer can choose from a wide range of STEYR S-TECH complete guidance solutions.

The “Orange package” is specially tailored to municipal operators and has features that are customary in the industry, such as steering with variable transmission, PTO shaft with two speeds and municipal light bars.


6300 Terrus CVT <br> Image source: Steyr

Many features are unique to the second generation of Terrus CVT tractors.

Style and substance

The “Avantgarde” design philosophy from Steyr gives the driver a great driving experience with a first-class tractor. The aesthetics are complemented by a high level of functionality that can be adapted to user-friendliness, handling, attachment control and precision farming. When you get into the cabin you will find a new Multicontroller III armrest with a newly designed multi-function lever, individually adjustable control elements including additional control unit levers with LED color display - so that the rear control units can be freely assigned - and the new ISOBUS-compatible Infomat 1200 touchscreen monitor gives you an overview of all tractor functions and enables the operation and display of all systems and components on board. In order to act quickly and intuitively during work, encoders and numerous freely programmable buttons can be used. In addition, front and rear cameras help connect the attachments and you can still keep an eye on the surroundings thanks to the display on the monitor.

The Infomat 1200 not only has the next-generation S-Guide lane guidance system, but also the new S-Fleet telematics function, which makes manual / USB data recording and transmission superfluous. The operating data of the tractor and implement are recorded immediately and automatically and can be accessed on the operating PC via the web portal or the S-Fleet Mobile App on the manager / owner's smart device. In addition, the locations of the machines can be displayed and performance indicators can be monitored so that, for example, it is possible to check when a fuel supply is required. The two-way data transfer makes it possible to send data and instructions such as field maps from a smart device or PC to the tractor.

If the owner gives his consent, his Steyr dealer can also monitor tractors that are equipped with S-Fleet. For example, the dealer can recognize early warning signs for possible malfunctions and, thanks to S-Fleet Remote Support, offer remote maintenance access. With this feature, dealers can even deploy and broadcast software upgrades remotely if needed. In addition, they can support the drivers in the cab via the S-Fleet Remote Desktop by connecting directly to the screen of the Infomat 1200 anytime and anywhere.

New standards in comfort and control

The four-pillar panoramic design of the cabin includes large windows, a free-view roof window and a one-piece windshield with an upper curved edge and a wiping area increased by 27% thanks to a low-mounted wiper design. With this new design, the lowered rear fenders and the LED road and work light packages with up to 14 lights in the roof, four in the cab front, two on the rear fenders and four in the bonnet, the view from the driver's seat is much better.

The new automatic climate control has increased cooling capacity and automatic zone control. The noise level was reduced to 66 decibels through the use of high-quality, sound-absorbing interior materials. The new seats have cooling, heating and a reclining backrest. The comfort is further increased by a new accelerator pedal, which enables precise control from crawling through field to road travel.

The new Terrus CVT is available in two equipment packages in addition to the freely configurable models.

The "Evolution" variant includes hydraulics with 165 or 220 l / min, a 4-speed PTO shaft, an electronic parking brake, the cab options "Deluxe" or "Active Luxury", passenger seat, cab and front axle suspension, Easy Tronic II headland management .

The "Excellence" variant offers the same equipment, but also has premium loudspeakers, five electro-hydraulic rear control units, standard Power Beyond function and much more.


The future can be so fascinating. The S-Fleet app and the online S-Fleet portal offer a central location where you can monitor your machines in real time and automate the most important processes of fleet, operational and data management. The operating data of the tractor and implement are automatically recorded immediately and are immediately accessible to you. With the online telematics portal from S-Fleet, reports can also be created quickly from the field view or from the reporting functions of the software. The field view supports e.g. the creation of crop or soil maps, while the reporting function provides a clear summary of the tasks carried out on a specific field. You can also send e.g. field boundary maps or application maps for variable seed quantities directly to the corresponding machine, which enables seamless communication.

I can't even list everything that can really be implemented with the S-FLEET. More information about STEYR tractors on the Internet at

It is not for nothing that Steyr has a good reputation as a technology leader.

Trial sitting <br> Image source: Petra Konheiser

I would like to say: thank you in the name of LECTURA for the invitation and the high level of hospitality.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; STEYR

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