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Strautmann SF Self-Propelled Machinery Meets Emission Standard Level V

Strautmann is taking a big step towards a sustainable future and presents now the self- propelled series Verti-Mix SF and Verti-Mix Double SF with environmentally friendly Emission Level V engines. This makes Strautmann the first manufacturer of self-propelled feed mixers to comply with the current requirements of Emission Level V setting the course for advanced daily work on the farm.


Emission Level IV is currently the best available technology for agricultural machinery especially self-propelled feed mixers. Strautmann goes one step further and offers customers compliance with the legal requirements for Emission Level V as standard for John Deere engines with 6 cylinders and 129 kW (175 PS). Since 2017, Strautmann has been using engines with DPF (diesel particulate filter) in self-propelled machinery. Strautmann now benefits from this as it had been possible to test the use of particulate filters in practice for years while many other manufacturers of self-propelled feed mixers have worked with SCR (selective catalytic reduction; AdBlue use). 

Emission Level V coming into force, the DPF becomes mandatory for all engine manufacturers. The engine of Emission Level V features improved torque performance, higher torque at low engine speeds and improved fuel efficiency. The EU Commission Regulations for Emission Level V not only limit the particulate mass but also the particulate count. Especially the emission of ultrafine particulate must be limited. This is only achievable with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Source: B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co KG