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Successful market launch of largest PALFINGER SANY Mobile Crane model in virtual reality at CTT 2015

This year’s CTT in Moscow was once again a great success for PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes. The international crane manufacturer took advantage of the large international exhibition to inform about new products and innovations. At the same time the presentation of the largest Mobile Cranes in virtual reality was a very special highlight for all visitors.



PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes is expanding its product range stepless. At this year’s CTT in Moscow in the beginning of June, the international crane manufacturer presented in virtual reality the largest crane model that PALFINGER SANY has ever introduced at the International Show. The new PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Crane model SAC2200 with 220 tons lifting capacity became the virtual star at the PALFINGER SANY booth, followed by the Rough Terrain Crane model SRC550C with a lifting capacity of 55 tons.


Within the third CTT participation this year, PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes surprised the interested fairgoers with its virtual showroom, which was a special and unique highlight at the PALFINGER SANY booth. In virtual reality the visitors could retrieve all information about the crane models on the one hand and operate as well as control the cranes themselves on the other hand.

„We want to give our customers the best opportunity to be fully informed about the selected mobile crane model, before purchasing it. In virtual reality there are many possibilities to empathize with different features very realistic and you can already operate the crane almost like in real. We are very happy, receiving that much positive feedback of enthusiastic visitors at this year’s CTT, which marvelled at our mobile cranes even in virtual reality,” said Michael Gruböck, Managing Director of PALFINGER SANY International Mobile Cranes Sales GmbH.

Many CTT visitors were very enthusiastic about the possibilities, offered by the three-dimensional presentation in the virtual reality, which one perceives through the special Oculus glasses. Especially the younger target audience, who have already heard about the technology, liked operating the cranes, as well as older participants. But for the most people it was the first time really using the virtual reality and operating such a huge vehicle, like the SAC2200 with 220 tons lifting capacity.

„One visitor amongst many told me, that the extension of the boom in the virtual showroom was a very special highlight for him. The whole thing was so realistic, that he had to bend, because otherwise he had the feeling, that the boom would catch him,” exemplified Yury Gorpinich, Managing Director of PALFINGER SANY Cranes LLC. “Another one for example told me, that virtual reality represents the future and that this virtual showroom is the most innovative and the only really new thing he has seen at the exhibition. He had never operated a crane virtually and was extremely enthusiastic, how realistic that feeling is,” Gorpinich concludes with.


The new PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Crane model SAC2200 which was presented at this year’s CTT for the first time in virtual reality, is characterized by excellent chassis performance for highly stable overall operation and best possible safety. With the SAC2200 crane model, PALFINGER SANY enters the All Terrain Crane market with its 5-axle model with a lifting capacity of 220 tons, just to begin with. The ultra-strong, super long boom as well as the sensitive lifting performance is optimal for high operation efficiency on site. Moreover the safe, stable, advanced and intelligent electronic control technology is used to meet customer’s individual requirements. Another important feature of the new PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Crane model SAC2200 is reflected in the highly efficient and energy-saving hydraulic control technology, ensuring fast operation and high work efficiency.

Within the new PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Crane series there are also more opportunities for customizing these Mobile Cranes to individual needs on site. There is an option list available for example to individually adapt the set of jibs, counterweights, the second winch and other parameters. Also the colouring of the crane can be chosen individually.

PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes also showed its competence in the Rough Terrain Crane segment at this year’s CTT once more. The international crane manufacturer displayed a Rough Terrain Crane model, SRC550C with 55 tons lifting capacity, which is the medium model within the product line of 35 tons, 55 tons and 75 tons, in virtual reality. PALFINGER SANY Rough Terrain Cranes are already in use on construction sites in many parts of Russia and are willingly used due to their flexibility in different areas of operations. The Rough Terrain Crane series is characterized by excellent off-road performance, four-wheel steering, 116 tm to 258 tm lifting moment, ultra-long and strong boom base, powerful DongFeng Cummins Engine and safety and control system in Russian language. All documents and the crane control system are as well available in Russian language. The Rough Terrain Cranes engines are certified to meet Euromot IIIA emission standards and have all necessary certifications, the Russian market demands. The cranes are ready to work under the strong Russian climatic conditions. This is completed by the high-quality service support and the fast spare parts supply, PALFINGER SANY customers can certainly rely on!