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SUNCAR HK AG presents ten new electrical mini excavators

SUNCAR HK AG has developed a new series of TB216E mini excavators in cooperation with Huppenkothen Baumaschinen AG. The proven electric excavators are now in use throughout Europe.


SUNCAR HK AG has already completed 35 machines which are distributed throughout Europe. The new small series, consisting of ten excavators, was carefully developed further. The TB216E is equipped with three lithium-ion battery modules. Under full load, an uninterrupted operation of four hours is possible. With an on-board charging capacity of 6 kW, recharging during the lunch break is sufficient to keep the electric excavator operational for a whole working day. A simple charging concept is implemented: The machines are charged using the existing three-phase mains supply at conventional CEE three-phase sockets. Full charging overnight is also possible at a single-phase 230 VAC household connection.

Easy operation and economic advantages

No special knowledge is required to operate the TB216E, as the intuitive controls of the original models with combustion engines have been retained. The electric excavators also offer economic advantages compared to diesel models: They can be charged at low cost and do not require maintenance of the engine, power electronics or batteries.

Use in various applications

The TB216E are used in various applications such as tourist resorts, indoor demolition and mining. The machines are particularly ideal for noise and emission-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and residential areas.

Public and political interest in zero-emission construction machinery

Particularly in the C40 cities, which have committed themselves to sustainability, interest in construction sites without emissions is growing. Oslo, as one of the pioneers, has stipulated in its procurement strategy that all public construction sites must be built with fossil-free construction machinery. More and more municipalities and cities are now following this example. Huppenkothen Baumaschinen AG is already selling the electric mini excavators from Madrid to Oslo and on to Maribor. "We want to make a contribution to the achievement of climate targets worldwide and to Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050," says Stefan Schneider, Co-Managing Director of SUNCAR HK AG. The Energy Strategy 2050 aims to reduce CO2 emissions, whereby Switzerland should not emit more greenhouse gases by 2050 than can be reabsorbed by natural and technical storage facilities (net zero emissions).